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    Pacom Password

    The issue is, there is no money in helping you - they will want to bill you - you could try Secom Guardall in Aukland... pretty sure they used to sell IDR's
  2. IMHO - SD Cards are usefull, but mainly used as edge storage - the main reason they are used is some systems can (when the network goes down) record locally to the camera and when the network comes back, they will then re-replicate this data to the recorder...its actually pretty cool and kind of inception like - think about it...Imagine a camera looking at a cable that it relies on, you cut the cable - recording stops at the DVR/NVR but continues at the camera, then when the DVR is back on the line it re - replicates - so I will let you think about what you actually see ---- trippy as. But anyhow I Digress - SD has limited storage - well it used to, so unless you are recording low res or slow video - you wont store long, also if it is standalone, does it have wifi access - ie if you want to look at video, do you have to climb a ladder, also if you swap out a card (while you are looking) the chain of evidence is changed, its not all one one disk now. Its the future but its not quite here yet, lets face it - if it were not for the need of power we could all just double sided tape a wireless sd camera to the corner of every room with a nice 3MP fish eye lense and cropping the image we want....sadly though we still need power and thats rarte to find a GPO at the ceiling - well not one that its legal to use
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    Recommend DVR for 16ch and 8ch please

    Oh my.. the arrogance of wholesalers sometimes
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    Pacom Password

    Id ask a dealer before I would ask a Pacom Rep - there are a few in NZ, if that fails, PM me the model and I will ask
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    Newbie looking for low end IP Camera

    Isnt it a board lens with inbuit IR's - pretty sure that would be hard to replace, if at all, not all board lenses have the same thread length - this could risk over or under tigtening withc will usually mark or crack the CCD Please tell me you are joking, I have not been in this forum for years - I certainly hope this is not the case - I was a founding membber back when we only had a few guys...our aim - Was to weed out the cheap Chinese Garbage and provide info to the end user so that they could be eductaed about cheap inferior products, and yet, all I see through this forum - is sprouting of very cheap Chinese Junk...whats going on here I cant say I agree with the above statement - while generally correct, it is not technically correct... a PTZ or a very large MP camera is a single camera - also a camera with just optical Zoom, is still a single camera, and for illuminination that would depend on the lux rating at the location....if you stear away from cheap jumk, you can get some very low lux cameras that are not rated with silly 50IRE ratings or fake F Stop values - so in short even though the distance is a long way, if you have light at the scene you may be ok with a proper analogue PTZ with IR cut filter - but the poster is partly correct, zooming in will close the iris. Understanding what an auto iris does is fairly simple, its just like a human eye, if you look towards the sunlit area outside your iris will close down - and if you look towards a dark area - your iris opens - you can see this on a human quite easily as the center part of the eye, the dark bit will open and close, the lense is similar, but cheap board fixed lenses like in that camera can not adjust - so if its sunny they go too white and when dark, they cant see well - its like setting your eye to average and leaving it there.... an Auto Iris uses a drive to adjust based on the amount of light available - kinda like the human eye - if it is dark it opens etc, also Auto Iris lenses are typically ground aspherically (these days) so they cast an even amount of light onto the CCD - this means that they are much more effective at casting light onto the guts of the camera that need to recieve light - lastly the auto iris lense often has many elements, for your info you can read that as many pieces of glass - this is used to correct the balance of light and to cast an even amount of light onto the CCD - buit in short a Board lense can cost a few dollars to a few cents, but an Auto Iris lens is much more expensive. I see you have already ordered, so my bet is you will be happy with the close up pics, if you dont get a halo effect - but you will be unhappy with daylight images when the sun is looking at the camera - I bet you wont see close enough to the wall near the roller doors and that it wont last more than 12 months
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    Any smaller shops installing Avigilon?

    Avigilon is a great product, but mainly for the high end solutiuons, they have changed their approach of late and are starting to sell cheaper cameras etc, however they do have very high end products with many mnay MP cameras that use full SLR lenses - their demo on the hands free system is really something to be seen
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    Please Help IR Halo issue

    Yep max is right, its very impiortant with those cheap and nasty IR leds that the glass covering the lens is clean....in some cases they often leave a small tyhin plastic film that can be removed - for this reason, if left on you would get a halo, threre is a very good chance that you have a bent or faulty Led that is casting bhack towards the glass, however that is unlikely to make a round halo, it could be that the fixed lens is flush against the cover glass, often there is a small gap with can be enough to cause problems. Its also highly likely that there is a reflective effect from glass etc, try pointing it at the ground or a black felt object, just out of curiousity are you using a different power supply for this camera? Thats the issue with inbuilt IR leds, you cant adjust the depth of field and that measn you cant adjust the cast of the light, so it may be ok outside but not inside...think about a hose with water - you could spray all you want outside as it will go forwards and not hit anyhting and come back - but if the hose is on too high and you are indoors - whammo
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    Recommend DVR for 16ch and 8ch please

    Rather than 2x DVR's - go for a Hybrid system, there are many that do 16 Analogue and 16 IP from the same box, there are many popular DVR/NVR systems in Australia. From the Pacom IDR series, Bosch, etc etc - I assume you ahve already had answers on this, the fact that you are in WA - I would suggest either Bosch or Pacom, as they both have offices there and reputable dealers that deal with the mining sector - We also have staff there - LOL
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    Please assist in designing a system

    My questions are: -Am I on the right track? Kinda -For 16 cameras essentially operating 24/7 how much storage do you think she'll need for around 1 month's footage? That really depends on soooo many factors ----- how many frames per second, I frames P frames configuration, compression, motion detection or constant recording, resolution, compression type, brand.... cant answer that without more info -She has monitors around the premises showing some cameras, how can I go about that with this system? With the DVR that's currently being used there are ports that push a particular signal out to these monitors through AV cords. That depends, you could either leave the current system in play, or you could replace each screen with a PC Monitor (must also be a PC) - or if only one camera needs to be on each screen you could use what is known as a "Decoder" - IP cameras are digital, they create digital data - you need to decode this back to an analogue signal. -Is Silverstone reputable? No Idea - never used it - I though silverstone did PC cases Any other software recommended? Thank you all for your assistance. This is my first ever system, I hope it turns out okay.
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    DVR Video Qualily

    That is such an open question, there are so many things that affect the quality, however the blue ones are the most likely Starting from the camera itself. Light and reflection - often people compare two systems and can not understand how one looks better - often this reason is lighting, for example a white internal floor will often look much better than a similar grey floor, the reflection of light to the camera really makes a huge difference. Lense - Not only the size or f-stop but more important is the transmittion factor of the lens, Ie what elements does it have and how many, are they machined or ground - what abhorations are in the lens, and what is the quality of the glass Camera - soooo many things here Transmittion media - the quality of cable can really affect image more than you think, high frequency roll off and other issues can occur on poor quality cable Power - yep this can affect image quality - ever noticed that an undervoltaged camera can often be less colourful, less power can = less signal 1vpk to pk is important. Compression - This will be your issue, it is the same as the quality of movies you can download from the net, there are standards, but these are guidelines, not full standards, so one persons H.264 and and anothers could differ greatly in quality and more likely in compression amounts - even if file sizes are the same (similar compression amounts) that does not mean that one compression chip is not better than the other - each chip and hint bridge controller have their own limitations and qualities. BUS - Some recording devices have a larger BUS speed, this allows for less compression prior to BUS delivery, it is also the reason why PC Based recorders are often faster than purpose built standalones Display Chip - A video system is only as good as the weakest point, sadly often the actual video card used to connect the viewing screen or this chip is not high end, you would not play a nice 3D video game on a PC with a crappy video display chip - so why do it with CCTV. Hardware Overlay and scalling - keep in mind that when a company makes a DVR comnpression chip for analogue it does not make one for NTSC and another for PAL etc, and they are not the same resolutions, so interlacing and hardware overlays are used to adjust so that a single chip could do eiher format, often the interlacing is not done well and requires software interlacing so that you do not experince "video tearing" effect - also it is worth noting that some DVR systems for analogue use a chip for recording and a chip for display, the display chip may have very very limited compression, so this means the DVR looks awesome on live view, but often the recording is much more compressed, some other DVR/NVR's use the same chip or share chips, this means that the viewing is hampered but is a real indication of what you are recording.
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    geovision nvr cannot set video location

    is there more than one physical HDD - not usb drive? Is it possible that that option is turned off under the password management section?
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    Pacom Password

    I dont think anyone would post the default passwords on the web, where are you located - Australia?
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    Geovision API or external control of camera recording

    Havent looked at a Geo for a long time, but pretty sure that this could be done from the I/O relay option - ie you would set up a keypad (or use an existing alarm panel) so that when you key the away alarm setting it forces a closed or open ciurcuit, this is then wired to the GV I/O module to activate an input - not sure from here but you should then be able to run a schedule or start recording based on that - I think you may need a schedule though to tell it what cameras to record....like I said I dont have one in front of me but I am sure someone on here would know
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    Newbie and In Need of Help

    Neither of those systems are going to be ideal. They both appear to be IR Cameras, there is absolutely no way that they will cast enough IR light to be usefull to anyhting that is a long way away, also they seem to have fixed lenses - which will be far too wide, ie they will have a very shallow depth of field, lastly one of them was 12v and the distance you may want to mount the cameras from the recorder may not suit. How far will the camera be away from the recorder. Although it may be more expensive, perhaps you could use a PTZ camera - if there is some form of power at the gate you could use a relay to trigger the PTZ camera to turn and zoom in on the gate once it is opened - also it would give you control over moving the camera to take a look at animals.
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    Newbie looking for low end IP Camera

    That is a fairly inexpensive camera, and it has an inbuilt fixed board lens, from what I can tell. This gives me two concerns - 1/ A fixed board lens does not normally come with an Auto Iris (it may have electronic adjustment) - so this is akin to looking at the sun without being able to blink or squint - so I cant see how the IR component would be of great use, unless there is a IR cut filter in the camera, cameras can see a whole scale of light that we cannot - if we did not put a filter to protect the sensor, then it would see some parts of IR light and the video would be useless, so they put a filter in place, so this means it blocks IR light sources (like the ones attached to it). 2/ Your driveway will not be wide, at most it will be two cars widths, and the fixed lens you have in that device will have a very wide view, and will not be adjustable, what does this mean - well, the wider the view - the shorter the depth of field, so you will find that the only areas that are of any use of the view will be very close to the camera and it will be much wider than you need. An adjustable Auto iris lens would be better IMHO
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    Remote logon to GV Bullet cam does not display video

    did you froward all the ports... not just 80 4550 5550 - from memory - bi directional too I think - password needs to travel back
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    Multimeter Recommendations

    I dont see why it is a toy... It has High res screen It has lithium ION battery It has cable tester It has PTZ protocols It has Multimeter It has 12V output It has looping balnaced outputs It has CCTV test signal ETC ETC ETC - hardly a toy mate - although I bet you play with a few
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    Intereference on Video

    Aluminium braid - But first - plug the power pack into an extension lead - then if your country has three pronged plugs.. IE one plug is ground, cut that ground off....... actually no DONT do that... but that would be a way to see if the ground was affecting it... could be different ground potential
  19. Except a standard Balun (passive) will suffer high frequency roll off - I have used Altronix for years.... Lifetime warranty and I have had 1 failure from maybe 100 units sold... great gear
  20. cctv_down_under

    Coaxial cable cut in CCTV camera

    If your going for IP based cams, many now recored at the camera once a cable is cut and many also dual stream
  21. cctv_down_under

    Multimeter Recommendations

    Check this out - PTZ control, cable tester, multimeter - all in one
  22. cctv_down_under

    quality of dome security cameras

    Buy a name brand - Bosch, Panasonic, Samsung etc this thing has to run 24/7 and be reliable - you get what you pay for
  23. cctv_down_under

    DVR with remote playback for Android?

    Are you sure the android version does not allow playback - the Iphone version does.... Why not just use the 1ch playback web viewer - thats small enough for a android phone