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    DVR with remote playback for Android?

    Are you sure the android version does not allow playback - the Iphone version does.... Why not just use the 1ch playback web viewer - thats small enough for a android phone
  2. cctv_down_under

    March Networks DVR

    How much.... PAL or NTSC
  3. cctv_down_under

    My cctv on my website, needs tips

    Check to see if your DVR supports FTP - if so FTP still images too the webhost and use a refresh script - it would be slow but it would be easy
  4. cctv_down_under

    Greo systems running slow

    Are you reccording on the C: drive at all and do you havea virus checker on the DVR.. new files created every few mins so virus checker never gets to finish a scan... also if you keep recording to C: you will strangle the swap file
  5. cctv_down_under

    Installation problem

    Could be a number of things - was it the same cable used on the test, IE same length and the same power?
  6. cctv_down_under

    Camera Placement Questions

    What you really need to consider is if you have a cavity in that area, there are many recessed wedge housigns that are industrial quality that allow the camera to be recessed into the area,the idea of the wedge is that you can not easily grab, or throw a roope over the housing to tear it down.
  7. cctv_down_under

    IP Camera Supported List

    Hi Guys - long time no talkee - Seems the Geo Website has an IP camera support list - but it seems very out of date - they dont have much of the new Axis 3 series domes supported - does anyone have a more up to date list? Lastly - looking for IP cams that are dome cams with 3 yr warranty - dont need fancy features - just need to be able to have 1/ Standard res dome 2/ 1.3 MP 3/ 3 MP
  8. Hi, We sell several DVR systems, most of which we can isntall VNC or Logmein onto and do training remotely....but with the Geovision, there seems to be an issue in that Logmein tends to treat the refresh of a Geovision screen as 16 different refreshes. What I am saying is that if you have Geo on with 1 camera active it works fine, but with multiple it refreshes all the time becasue it can detect change on the 16 camera screens, thsi makes remote training impossible. I assume it has someting to do with the Hardware Overlay, but I cant get it to work.....its very annoying. Also, I am confused as to adding IP cams to Geo, we currently run 8.2 I can add a IP camera that is made by Geovision to the DVR and it will replace an analogue input.....but what I want to know is can you add an additional IP camera IE can I have 16 Analogue + 1 x IP camera on a 16 Camera box? Is this available in 8.3? Lastly if you go to connect anyhting ohter than a Geo IP camera it seems not to work, or is there a license required....IE if you add another brand other than Geo is it no longer free and if you do add another brand does it replace an analogue input or does it add it to the system as an additional camera.
  9. cctv_down_under

    IP Camera Supported List

    Thank you - but that seems an old list...no 3 series Axis domes and no Sanyo either
  10. I have a problem with a dvr that is windows 7 - the view log only shows video as green squares, I have tried the following. Using the remote viewlog on the DVR itself - same problem Using the rmote viewlog on another non windows pc - works fine. Running codec reg on the DVR - same problem I tried downloading the codec from the web viewer download page - but noticed that it fails to run the codec.exe. Is this a Windows 7 issue, pretty sure it is as the web viewer and multiview all work ok
  11. cctv_down_under

    Labelling BNC's

    What are you guys using - we use an excell sheet with a cable schedule and relate this to Dymo lables on the back of standard BNC's I am not a fan of this at all and have looked at 1/ Zip Tie Lables - too ugly 2/ Laser enscribing on the cable itself - too expensive 3/ BNc Boots that can be written on - too fiddly What is everyone using I want to put a full camera name - not just a number system
  12. cctv_down_under

    Problems with green screens on viewlog Windows 7 GV Vs 8.31

    Yep onlly happens on Win 7 - tested again
  13. cctv_down_under

    Problems with green screens on viewlog Windows 7 GV Vs 8.31

    The DVR is Windows 7 the clients were XP - the version is 8.31 I have resolved the issue by re-installing the software, seems the codec install got corrupted
  14. cctv_down_under

    SSview v3 for nokia E72

    The answer is that the .sis file must be within at least 1 calendar year date range of the phones date, so if you check the file date for the .sis and change the phone date to the next month it will install
  15. cctv_down_under

    SSview v3 for nokia E72

    trying to run the .sis fiule but get - "Expired Certificate" on the phone when running the installer - I have tried turning on and off certificates on the phone. any ideas??
  16. cctv_down_under

    DSP output problem

    Yeh that sounded logical to me - i asked my techs to do this before _ I didnt supervise it...but they told me you can set up as many pages as you like....and they tested it..but it still keeps introducing blank blue screens - seems like it still uses the quads that are supposed to be disabled....I logged in today and noticed that only 1 x quad page was selected - but alos noticed every camera was selcted in the settings part.....so have changed that...hopefully this works
  17. cctv_down_under

    DSP output problem

    Hello. I have a site where they want to only see 4 x cameras on the spot monitor. I have enabled the DSP as a spot monitor and can see that there are 4 x quad groups, so in the first quad group I chose the cameras I wanted and disabled the next 3 quad groups. This works fine and I have 4 x cameras in quad mode (and it does not change from this to another quad group) on the spot monitor, but as soon as the system reboots, it then tries to switch between all the quad groups.. so what happens is. Display first quad - then display blank screen - then display blank screen - then display blank screen then display first quad group......ANNOYING Thanks in advance - any ideas - it ocould be when it defaults to default user?
  18. cctv_down_under

    Control geo only with bluetooth mouse

    Hi - i know about the infa red unit, but wanted to use Geo only with a mouse and windows virtual keyboard...I can do this to some extent, the issue is we like to leave a DVR locked down so that they can not get out of full screen view unless they hit F10 to go to logview - so the issue is that say i go to logview and want to save a file, I need a keyboard to give it a file name - but the windows keyboard is hidden behind the logview program - any ideas..I know I can program a mouse for function keys - but not for typing names
  19. cctv_down_under

    Control geo only with bluetooth mouse

    I'll have to test Rory, but I think that the "on top" may be ontop of windows desktop.......not full screen overlay...ie if I wasnt in full screen it may work....the idea is we dont let em minimise out of full screen ....this way they NEVER see the GUI and dont ask about it...all they need do is hit F10 and then go to the log...makes it simple for them...i just want to only have a mouse...keyboards are too bulky... I did find an awesome blutooth keyboard with inbuit scroll pad...from logitec...its called a dinovo edge....nice peice of kit but expensive
  20. cctv_down_under

    rainbow band across bottom of screen

    ??????? A service/test montior is a small screen with AV input - it lets you test a camera before it gets to the DVR this way you can see if the DVR is causing the issue.....just use a telly and a coax to rca adapter if you like?
  21. cctv_down_under

    Viewlog Files Corrupt

    Only the index needs to get screwed to affect other files......are you sure your UPS shuts down the PC via software...unlikely this is the issue ...as what you state makes sense
  22. cctv_down_under

    What do I need to make a PTZ camera work? Nuvico?

    Soundy - your right as usual - but 232 has some serious distance limitations hence why most times you need to convert from 232 to 485 - TBH dont know why Geo doesnt do this more often _ i know you dont even need a data capture box for their POS feature if only using 1 x till and short distance, just use the 232
  23. cctv_down_under

    rainbow band across bottom of screen

    Could be three things. 1/ Set to wrong video standard ...ntsc vs pal 2/ dying capture card - more likely hint bridge controller on the card 3/ hardware overlay issue with the video card. using a test monitor is sound advice
  24. cctv_down_under

    Geovision Database Problems

    This corruption is common - and is why the database recovery tool was made - I doubt your running your system on a UPS that shuts down the DVR - this is CRITICAL - the video is first stored in memory before a closed file is created and if not shut down correcty it dumps this invomplete file onto the HDD - hence a corrupted video. The issue then becomes that the file index says - ok write to HDD, but HDD syas "cant write there" ..so OS syas..ok then write to next block and HDD says "cant write there" oever and over again until it has skipped that part of the HDD. Its not really an issue of a bad sector - more an area that the software can not recognise the size of the incomplete file.....for example sometimes when you download a bit torrent you get parts of a file, but until the file is complete it cant be played. The fix is simple - you will usually see that ONLY 1 x file is in each corrupt folder - so go to cam1 folder then open it - then change your view to "thumbnail view" - at this point you should know which folders are corrupt anyhow becasue they will be massively out fo file sequence ie all folders will be named as dates and some will be out of sequence - a long time ago - by switching to thumbnail view you are getting an auto preview of what is in the folder - however if the file in the folder is not able to be auto previewed then it is normally corrupted and you can simply remove these folders and runt he database repair tool. To avoid this buy a UPS that has the ability to shutdown windows and the Geo program - TBH you only need a basic script to stop geo then most UPS mobs have the ability to shut down any windows box. This will stop the ram dumping files to your HDD that are corrupted. Hope this helps Aussie Lad!
  25. cctv_down_under

    Shutter speed AND frame rate

    Why dont you just use a camera that has a dynamic shutter - the Bosch high end cameras have this feature -- TBH though the best effects will be had by using the extreme reg - it is amazing absolutley amazing ...but some cameras offer dynamic shutter so that it adjust according to detected moevement or light level.