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  1. Set your hard disk SATA at 1.5 Gbps data transfer speed

    (move or add a jumper on your hard drive is required for this)


    Good Luck





    Post.- Ide drive there if you check the disk model versus the manual of your DVR compatibility (indicated by the model). Another solution even more complicated but is a sata-ide converter, which is placed on the same disk SATA, and gives you the option to connect to an IDE. At the end is connected to the DVR IDE controller on the inside of course. The simplest would be to change it with another disc of brand preference you had the damage.

  2. DS-7204HVI-S build3_2010.1.27.rar


    Why do you need to upgrade? Feel free to PM me an email address if you want that one, it is the last one I have been able to find. I have newer versions for 7204HVI-ST and later models, but I do not know if they would work with 7204HVI-S.


    Disclaimer: If you mess up anything, it is not my problem.



    Hello Mindtwist




    I need to upgrade because my DVR has no 2CIF resolutions, D1, 4CIF, CIF and QCIF only has.


    The exact model is DS-7204HVI-S, with black mask and menu and numbers buttons. Those ending in ST or SN do not match my model.


    The version of firmware you have my dvr is v2.2 build 091202.


    Thanks for your help

  3. Hello


    What I would do is change the dns2 by dns2.


    Use your preferred DDNS service as now you have the static ip you will do much better, turn it on your DVR or your router if you have the option.


    Care is something public IP (provided by you ISP) and over the internal LAN IP (192.168.1.xxx).


    Do not forget to open the communication ports on your router. Example addressed to port 85


    As I see you are using port 85, you should settle for something like internet connection http://mydvr.sytes.net:85


    Hope this helps you serve " title="Applause" />



  4. If you can connect locally no conflict of ips , reviews the Gateway IP Network DVR settings. You put the DNS of your Internet provider in the DVR. From a cmd window to run a ping ddns you created, for example: ping mydvr.sytes.net, you should receive a response, if not so check any open ports on the router.


    I hope you make it " title="Applause" />