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  1. What firmware version do you have and have you tried WI-fi? the supplier told me he has tested it with most wifi adapters and it should work, i have tried about 5 different adapters and cant get a stable connection. I have also noticed I am not getting the full resolution from my cameras, but for £28 I paid this is what i expected.

    Mine would show the second stream unless you are only displaying one camera... Then you would see the full size main video. But the recorded video is full resolution.


    Just adding my 2 cents your mileage might very..

  2. I think that my cameras are just too old. I have the NVR set to 1920x1080 and all the cameras I have will do that with the exception of the AXIS. When recording it always records the main stream but when live viewing (more than one camera) it shows the sub. I didn't set it that way and haven't seen anywhere to change it. Not that I was looking because I like it the way it is. I have the HDMI cable to a monitor and most all the time view the NVR that way, without using IE and the computer.

  3. Hi


    Have just registered to add to this topic.


    I purchased the 8 channel version and have got 2 cams running at 720 on it. I believe you have to set all cams to the same res for the unit to work. I have attached a 500gb usb 3 drive and this is working fine - needs formatting from the machine as mentioned above. The manual states it uses a save method that records data in one constant stream from the inner to outer track and then overwrites, this is presumably to ease the life of the hard drive.


    After setting my cams to 720 - the nvr found them and populated the basic details with no hassle.


    I have tried to set the motion detection but I cant get it to work. I think it is more of an interface to the cams onboard detection rather than the nvr and as such would be very hit and miss for non matched hardware, though hopefully ONVIF may help with this eventually.


    Hi winkiwin, Thank you for taking the time to help with the Mini NVR.


    I also have the 8 channel one and it is using firmware version 4.0 dated 11Dec2013.

    I think you are right about an onboard interface to the cameras motion detection... I don't think it has the horsepower to do it on it's own.

    As far as using IE I am still on IE-11 but running it in compatibility mode without problems.


    None of my cameras have been detected... (AXIS, Pelco, Anran, Going) So I am curious about what you are using?? I have 2 Hikvision on order but that will be a while before they get here...



  4. You can't view it on a windows machine. Most likely the drive is formatted using Linux and that is where the problem is. I can export video to a USB stick in H264 or AVI and view it on a Windows computer.


    The way I look at it is, without motion detection working it is not worth much to me. I will make an effort to get it working but I can't put trust in it until that happens.

  5. Good morning Mind Twist. Morning for me.. I have it hooked to an eSATA drive and I also tried the USB to a 2TB hard drive and both work fine... The manual said it uses a zero track something to increase the record time on a drive but I forgot what it said exactly.

    So far the manual has been a great help with the exception of configuring the cameras. It seems to think they are all configured automatically. That never happened. None of the junk I have has ever been detected by a NVR... HA hahhhaa Just too old I guess.

  6. I just ordered two Hikvision cameras to try out with the mini NVR to see if I can get the motion detection to work with them. Another few weeks wait. As of right now, I am still using BI so I do not have to view the whole day of recording to find an event.

  7. Well after playing with the mini NVR a little more I am impressed with its capability’s and the smoothness of operation. More than I thought I would be.

    If it would detect the cameras, I have, it would be much nicer but once you have them configured, they work great! Except the cameras, that I have that do not support duel streams. They work but do not show in preview mode. Once you click on the camera you can see the full stream @ 1920X1080 and it will record, you just cannot see them in preview. The other cameras, when in the preview mode, show you the Sub stream, set to 320x176, and then switch to the main stream when you double click on them for full screen viewing. All recordings are in 1920X1080. You can only view one channel at a time in the playback mode. I have not gotten the motion detect to work on any camera and for now just recording all cameras 24/7.

    This mini NVR is as good, if not better, than the DaHua 3216 that I was using.

  8. Well, I got my Super Mini NVR and have had a little time to play with it. (Not enough time)

    Some thoughts:


    On my network I have 5 different brands of cameras and the "auto detect" did not find any of them. (I kind of expected that) I have now manually configured 3 cameras and 2 of the 3 work great! (So far still working on that third one)


    Note: None on the network were Hikvision or DaHua..


    The menus are very intuitive and so far everything I have tried works like it should. I have recorded to the eSATA HHD and can play it back without problems. It records and plays back in full 1920X1080 so that is good.


    I wish I had more time to play with it but that is all the information I have for now.... More when I get the time!



  9. Aldo I have been unable to identify if they can run internal drives or are they only external as they do only look small

    I've been searching for any information I can on them but haven't been able to find any Thanks guys

    It is way too small for a hard drive... It is just a little larger than a pack of cigarettes. I have been looking at them too but I have an idea that they are not going to detect many if any cameras automatically. I have one on order to see if you can configure the cameras manually. I guess I will know in a few weeks...