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  1. # 7130 chip DVR Card Hardwares Requirements


    7130 chipset video capture cards, adopting a new generation of chips Philip 7130 9bit video conversion technology, the image quality of soft pressure to achieve the highest level of card, the effect and most forcibly pressed cards almost see differences. But the cards on the cpu higher, as the cpu prices fell further, the use of the 7130 chip Video Capture Card greater advantage of the following requirements on the capacity of the configuration is as follows :


    Minimum :


    Cpu : Celeron d 2.66g or above

    Motherboard : Intel chip family (via, sis chip will be compatible with the problem, it is not recommended to use), the best use dvr dedicated motherboard, realizing after blackouts

    Calls automatically rebooting, and put a few cards can be saved.

    Memory : flash or more

    Graphics : GeForce2 32m or above (pci-e graphics cards currently support only ati chipset)

    Power : rated power 300w or above (DC output : 3.3v, 27a)

    System : WIN2000, winxp (Note WIN2000, contain more than 120g of drives, install the patch drives)

    The system right cpu, power supply and high demand, customers will not lower than the above configuration installed debugging.


    Note :


    1 24 channels, we must use more than 2.8g of cpu, or network-cpu resources will be too high because of the problem.

    2 Power must use two DC output : 3.3v, 27a (orange), otherwise there will be visual artifacts, gray screens is not a normal phenomenon.

    3 Monitoring system can peruse desktop operation to put the proposal c NOTE running (for example, c : c : \ qx2006 application software)

    4 must be set to True Color 32bits, otherwise there will be intervals negatives of such abnormal results

    5 If ver4.1 printed on the card, install the new board driver


    Recommendations :


    One, which uses a special plate dvr, blackouts can be achieved after the restart calls, more stable performance.

    2, the 350W power supply with the best of the Great Wall Power

    Three, do not use low-cost non-brand-name memory, normally with only a 512Mbit memory will be sufficient. Distribution of a 1g, it is possible boot error.

    4, using special motherboards, 8-way or 16-way can be used in its own integrated graphics.

    5, cpu price difference was not significant, as Affiliated with Celeron d or more.

    6, the best use IPC chassis, the price is not high, it is decent, fans should not province.


    Video Capture Card for use with the common solution, please refer.

  2. We have updated our h.264 hardware compression cards DVR software to KN V6.2(v070807).It can support: KN40xxHCI( ) series,KEVCxx04F series cards.


    The features as below:


    1) H.264 hardware compression technology

    2) D1 (704 x 480) / DCIF (528 x 320) / 2CIF (704 x 240) / CIF (352 x 240) resolution

    3) Watermark technology

    4) Alarm to telephone or mobile phone

    5) Pre-recording on alarm

    6) I/O devices relay

    7) PTZ dome to a preset position on alarm activation

    Support dynamic IP address

    9) Support dynamic DNS server

    10) Video lost detection and motion detection

    11) Record type search

    12) View system log

    13) Managing multiple servers in a client PC

    14) Remote control the server via network

    15) Remote setup the server's parameter

    16) Playback up to 16 channels at the same time

    17) Support cutting record footage

    18) Real time listening

    19) Windows lockup

    20) Auto shut down and restart system

    21) E-Map

    22) Synchronized video and audio on live view and playback

    23) Broadcast audio and Two-way audio and chat room

    24) Check client connection numbers

    25) Multi level password protection

    26) Lock the important record files

    27) Supports adjust PTZ speed

    28) Supports Pelco, Panasonic, Samsung and others dome

    29) Embedded web server

    30) dual streaming ratios

    31)Support POS integrated


    Recording mode

    1) Schedule recording

    2) Manual recording

    3) Motion detection recording

    4) Video lost recording

    5) I/O triggered recording

    Camera configuration

    1) Independent video brightness and contrast control

    2) Day-night image mode

    3) Selectable motion detection sensitivity and many masking areas for each camera

    4) Independent recording quality and frame rate adjustment

    5) Supports OSD Logo overlay and position adjustment


    Client software (remote monitoring software)

    1) Enable manage many servers

    2) Remote live view videos from different servers

    3) Remote listen to servers audio

    4) Remote playback record (up to 16 channels at the same time)

    5) Remote backup record footage files

    6) E-map

    7) Remote check servers work state

    Remote control servers thru network

    9) IE remote live view and remote playback record

  3. How abt this one?

    it can do:

    1.4ch D1(704*576) in real time

    2.8ch CIF in real time

    3.8ch D1 in 20fps/ch


    but it only sell for 250$

     MODEL

    KVECXX04F 4/8

    channel compression card


     H.264 (MPEG4 Part 10) compression algorithm with high compression ratio & good image quality

     Realtime live display up to 32 cameras with D1 resolution

     Realtime video/audio recording with no frame lost.

     Support multiple resolution type: D1, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF.

     Support dual encoding stream rate for local recording and network use.

     Provide full SDK & demonstration with source code

     Provide player SDK & network SDK for PC platform

     Smart video detection: motion detection, camera blank, video loss.

     Smart camera settings: privacy masking, camera lock, color setting, and title display

     Support OSD, LOGO & MASK Overlay.


     General

     DSP Model - TI DM642

     PCI Standard - PCI 2.2, PCI-X

     Video

     Video Input - 4/8/16 Channel, BNC, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω

     Video Standards - PAL(625Line,50f/s),NTSC(525Line,60f/s)

     Video Compression - H.264

     Video Resolution – Format NTSC PAL

    D1(4CIF) 704 X 480 704 X 576

    2CIF 704 X 240 704 X 288

    CIF 352 X 240 352 X 288

    QCIF 176 X 120 176 X 144

     Video Recording - PAL 1f/s-25f/s, NTSC 1f/s-30f/s

     Video Display Split - Full and multiple screen display, 1 / 4 / 8 / 9 / 16/25/32

     Image Quality - 1~6 level(Level 6 is the best)

     Motion Detection - Zones: 192 (16*12) detection zones

    Sensitivity: 1~6 (level 6 is highest)

     Privacy Masking - Self-defined four-sided zones for privacy masking for each camera

     Camera Adjustment - Adjust color according to different time period

     Audio

     Audio Input - 4/8/16 channel, BNC, 200-2800mV, 30KΩ

     Audio Compression - PCM/ADPCM

     Hard Disk

     Space Occupation - Audio :14.4MB/H Video :56~400MB/H

     HDD Management - Hard disk hibernation technology, HDD faulty alarm, I/O error alarm


  4. Im planning on using a standalone DVR not a PC capture card solution.

    What brands are good?



    it depends on your cost. hoho~~

    many mjpeg ones are very cheap,we have one 4ch standalone sells only 95$...it works well.

    but we also have other h.264 hardware ones,cost is over 450$...

    Different applications can get different solutions. you know...

  5. it can support:

    1~4ch max per card

    support record

    support remote viewing and some other basic function of digital surveillance system.


    but there something not so good,the software cannot amend


    you can try other software compression card such as 7130 or 23881 chipsets...they are also cheap...but they are original ones...

  6. Anyone know where I can get software for these cards? DS4004M is the model. I have tried OrientSoft and no response from HV.


    many softwares developers in China provide to support their cards.but i just konw DS4004HCI/HC now.M model is an old version?

    you can use Skyvision,Univision or Orient software to run it.

  7. do you know if there is a few DVR motherboard major in the market? just like Philip 17xx chipset, etc.... on DVR Card.




    DVR mother board?maybe u want to say DVR capture board?

    as i know

    H.264 hardware compression cards solutions chipsets(DSP): Philips PNX1300/1500;TI 642 series


    Other software compression chipset:7130chipsets,23881chipsets


  8. Hi

    I have a Cyberdome 25x day/nite camera with ptz which I am trying to control using DVR PTZ software.Now I have tried several DVR programs but none seem to have Kalatel protocols on them. Does anyone know of a standalone software package that can control a Kalatel cyberdome ?? Any help greatly appreciated as I,ve spent the best part of a day on this already!!




    i think Kalatel protocol is seldom to support by pop standalone DVRs.

    but u can use protocol converter to change this protocol to Pelco-P/D.

    if we can get Kalatel protocol,we can do this.

  9. it looks like Avermedia MP5000 and such Digital video capture card,from Taiwan,but i found some clones in mailand.China.


    So i cannot judge ur card are clone one or original one.

    me oso dont know...too many type in this market....but the driver page giving by WendyWei seem to be working on my card...cos no error at Device Manager....n appear "Argus video...." but y not Avermedia? is it mean clones?


    ya,i m not Avermedia.

    i m a H.264 original DVR capture cards and DVS/Ipcam supplier from China.

    BTW,who is Wendy Wei?from shenzhen,China?

    maybe i know her.hehe....

    it's a small world!!:)