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  1. If your research led you to amcrest you are not doing it right. READ forums. Also ignore anything sunnykim says, he is a china scammer. Recommending D1 resolution should be an indicator that he is just lying to you so his company can push that junk. Buy an IP system that is 1080p. The ip systems at costco are made by dahua or hikvision. Both good companies. Long warranties and LIFETIME return option to costco. There are other great resources and sellers but this forum does not allow mentioning them.
  2. Not sure what you mean about 2016. Just any IP 1080p camera at costco will do? I mean its 2016, the year. 720p is not mainstream anymore. 960h is HORRIBLE. No, you need to do your research. Start reading and learning.
  3. Boogieman

    Focus on 2 Domes just won't work.

    Dan u r not very helpful mate Why in the world would you resurrect a two year old thread?
  4. its 2016...look for an ip setup that is 1080p. See costco.
  5. Boogieman

    Remotely viewing DVR / IP cameras

    Delete your ip address from your post. You likely need more than one port forwarded. Check that the port is open with canyouseeme.org.
  6. yes, when unusual terms are used and the poster assumes everyone knows what they mean.No one should half to do a search for uncommon terms or abbreviations. Blue iris is not an uncommon term. Google it and you will see. It has been mentioned on this forum many times. A poster does not need to provide an explanation of what a product is every time its mentioned. If you dont know what it means then you cannot help anyway. It is really that simple.
  7. you cannot do this within blue iris after its already been recorded. You will need to export the clip and use a video editor or simply play it back faster.
  8. IS your google broken?
  9. The first unit is an ultra slim, it only has room for a 2.5 drive. You want a small form factor. The second link is an older 8300. You want an elitedesk 800 ... Your old system is a powerhog and also does not support intel hd with quicksync.
  10. Thanks for the response. We have a few of those too, but indoors. Would that work as an outdoor camera? - Jon yes, its outdoor rated just like the bullet or dome. The dome will work as well, but presents issues of ir reflection if not properly mounted and positioned.
  11. Look at a turret style camera. The ball is locked in place by a screw. http://www.ltsecurityinc.com/ip-network-turret-camera-cmip1142w.html
  12. Boogieman

    Event or Continuous Recording ?

    You will not be able to see the motion events on the web interface - this is a severe limitation of the hikvision nvr's. You should be seeing them on the NVR direct interface. Check your motion settings and confirm they are active.
  13. You can buy a haswell i5-4590 hp elitedesk or dell optiplex on sale for 300. Ebay and dell outlet (follow dell outlet twitter)... You will find that the NVR is severely lacking in functionality compared to blue iris, particularly when it comes to schedules/alerts and the playback via the mobile app.
  14. System was built and delivered in 2012 I5 with 8 Gig of RAM still working Thats great!
  15. Here is example for you Avigilon server with 24 2MP cameras For reference, what cpu is that?
  16. I would take everything dalepres says with a HUGE grain of salt, regrading all the vms options he mentions. He obviously did not test them properly. All I see is user error. Here is just one example. He never states the "i7" he used with blue iris or whether he set it up properly. There is a huge variations between i7 processors. He also did not build an i7 box. He bought an i7 laptop.By reading the blue iris help file, he would learn that you must set the cameras to record direct to disc (which doesnt rencode the video) if you are using high res cams. Blue iris also supports hardware acceleration when used with intel HD graphics that support quicksync. He states he was hitting 30 percent utilization with only 2 3mp cameras. Well then how am I getting 22 percent on an i7-4770 system with 7x3mp dahuas, 3x2mp hikvisions and one cheap vga camera. Is it magic? I get similar results with my many other systems. So, bottom line is his "reviews" are worthless. This includes his "review" of Avignon - a great piece of software. Its unfortunate that incompetent users leave baseless "reviews".
  17. Nonsense, the user has a setting error.
  18. You likely have not logged directly into the cameras and adjusted the noise reduction and minimized the WDR to under 10.
  19. Boogieman

    Looking for a player for a .hav file

    You will need the make of the recorder. Hav is a proprietary so will need a file extracter Thanks, the person who provided the video was able to also provide the player.
  20. I have a .hav file that I need to playback. VLC does not work. Anyone have a player for this? Thanks
  21. Local viewing while on the same network does not use any external bandwidth..if you are using a cell phone outside your home network or using a remote pc then you will be using bandwidth. Blue iris allow you to set 3 preset bandwidth limits for the webserver, in the mobile app and web client you can choose the bandwidth you wish to use. Unless you are watching 24/7 you would be using much at all.
  22. Boogieman

    What to buy??? HELP!

    First and foremost, look for an IP based system. The lorex systems at costco/sams are made by dahua, the swanns are mostly hikvision. Both good brands. Read the forums to learn more.
  23. Spoken like a true professional Boogieman you make me laugh. " title="Applause" /> Likewise. Dont know, I dont have these issues that you seem to be having. Again, this is a simple install. Not a multi node multi server install. Its plug and play. Simple, basic, easy. Stop over complicating it. I think its hilarious how installers here try to make it seem like rocket science in the hopes to dissuade folks from doing the jobs themselves. dexterash is spot on.
  24. Guess you didn't read what the original TS said. One of the camera will be outside the house. This means that that camera cabling is exposed. Which means the whole IP Camera network will be exposed. For plug and play system, that's a expose risk. But then again, nothing to do with reliability. Most likely no one is going to hack into the system vie the that camera. But it's still gonna be a risk if you look from risk assessment aspect. Thought you are the one thinking along the line of oceans 11 with all the hidden NVR, etc. My exact words are "Even using wireless is more secure as it's harder to find common standard secure wireless transmission equipment for analog equipment." Just using a Wifi Jammer would render all wireless network useless. Nothing difficult about it. http://www.alljammers.com/jammers-shop/wifi-jammer.html It's more about taking control over the whole network without the user knowing that require more technical skill. Back to the original TS question of reliability. You said "Ip is just as reliable as analog." My exact words are. "IP is never going to be as RELIABLE as Analog. Reliable, yes if properly installed. AS RELIABLE, no." I never said it's not reliable. If fact, I did said it's reliable if properly installed. I just have a different in opinion from yours if you are comparing the exactness of the reliability. There's no need for name calling. And my advice to him was. "For your use, if you are going to reuse the cabling, go for analogue-hd. If you are going for a new system, depending on your budget, you can consider analogue hd or ip hd. IP HD is normally more expensive." Never said don't use IP Camera. Yes because the burglars are going to hack into the system..your posts keep getting dumber.