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    Your input please

    His unit is from costco, so he can return it and start fresh. The lorex unit is not bad - its rebranded hikvision (before they switched to dahua)...The camera is simply mounted too high and has the wrong lens for the application. Problem with that is if he is not a business card holder then he only has 90 days ..... All Costco offer now is lifetime support If system goes faulty it is protected by warranty for 12 months or length of manufactures warranty or if extended 2 years warranty is bought from Costco . That's from a call to Costco That is not true. Any costco member can return any camera/nvr system anytime.
  2. Boogieman

    Your input please

    His unit is from costco, so he can return it and start fresh. The lorex unit is not bad - its rebranded hikvision (before they switched to dahua)...The camera is simply mounted too high and has the wrong lens for the application.
  3. Boogieman

    PoE Switch Recomendations for TRENDnet Cameras

    Note you can only attached 8 cameras to this switch because you need an uplink. http://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-TL-SG1008PE-8-Port-Gigabit-802-3at/dp/B00E6LID0S/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1454249122&sr=8-3&keywords=8+port+poe Or you can use two 10/100 switches with 4 cams attached to each. http://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-TL-SF1008P-100Mbps-8-Port-802-3af/dp/B003CFATT2/ref=sr_1_4?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1454249210&sr=1-4&keywords=poe+switch
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    CAT6 wiring for IP

    Not sure what you are talking about. Are you using 568B? IF not your WILL have issues and are doing it incorrectly!!! I think you confused yourself with your "research" Use 568b, end of story.
  5. Boogieman

    PoE Switch Recomendations for TRENDnet Cameras

    Do you want a managed switch or unmanaged. Both can be had for well under 200. Some trendnet cameras are rebranded hikvision. Its depends on the model.
  6. Boogieman

    CAT6 wiring for IP

    Dont know what you mean, it makes no sense...but you should use 568B (or a, however, B is the norm so use B) doing anything else is wrong and stupid.
  7. Boogieman

    PoE Switch Recomendations for TRENDnet Cameras

    If op is going to run all the cameras at a high bitrate, a gigabit switch (or at least a switch with a gigabit uplink) with more headroom is recommend particularly if op will daisychain another switch of it.
  8. Please stop providing incorrect information. The 2132 is available in BOTH 2.8 and 4mm lenses. Though the 2332 turret or the new 2mp or 4mp turret style cameras are better options than the dome. The 2232 i5 bullet does have stronger IR.
  9. Boogieman

    CAT6 wiring for IP

    This is absolutely NOT accurate. They are twisted in a specific fashion to avoid interference. On long runs this can make the camera unusable and even on short runs can cause packet loss. I can point you to several threads where the end used did not follow the standard and had trouble until it was done correctly.
  10. Boogieman

    Manufacturer of Amcrest

    He is the user above who gave you the correct answer!!!!
  11. Boogieman

    Network setup

    You are welcome for nothing. How much of an entitled fool are you? No one owes you anything.
  12. Boogieman

    waterproof RJ45 cable gland

    You dont need that, wrap the connection in coax seal and use a junction box.
  13. aibudo stop it He is happy because He does not know or not seen any better and you are not helping +1.
  14. Rule number 1, avoid buying from anyone who spams the forum.
  15. Boogieman

    Suggestions on Security system

    Stay away from acti their cameras are crap both with respect to image and build quality.
  16. Boogieman

    Swann "video signal loss"

    Costco sells the SAME dahua cvi systems you recommend in your other posts as rebranded lorex and qsee. There is NOTHING better about your systems. In fact costco is a better option because not only do they offer a long warranty, but the offer a LIFETIME return policy. YUP, lifetime. Now this particular system may be a lower end garbage unit, but to bash costco in general is foolish and uninformed. There is obviously something wrong here but you have not diagnosed the issue. Next... Boogie, check the specs, and pricing. Most consumers will only read the bold print on details, but we all know that is very poor homework. ESPECIALLY when you and your loved ones security is on the line. Do you really want to put your safety in the hands of a retailer thats known for selling groceries and $5 chickens, primarily? There's no line for CCTV outside Costco on Black Friday? WHY? Everyone knows that's not their trade. Lifetime warranty? Good luck speaking to 3rd world country customer service, or returning EVERY piece of your cctv system to Costco just because that low resolution capable pre-made cable, or one camera doesn't show video. There's no single replacements allowed. Not to mention getting all cameras of one model. Fixed lens bullet cameras are definitely not for most people's all around safety for various reasons. Where do I begin? And it doesn't even give the opportunity to UPGRADE your system to take on IP cams, or lower resolution cams to help save even MORE money. OEM Tribrid CVI DVRs is the way to go for most home security. And I have the spot for that. You have no idea what your talking about. Who cares what else they sell. THE PRODUCT IS THE SAME AS THE ONE MADE BY DAHUA. That statement alone show your foolishness. Who cares if its "their trade". It would take less than 30 minutes to disconnect a DVR and 8 cameras to return them all for a BRAND NEW unit that is better in 3 years. Fixed lens bullet cams are not for most people? what are you smoking? Do you install a bunch of useless ptz? Lower res cameras DO NOT save "more money" CVI is cheap. Also the CVI system CAN take analog cameras. Most of the lower priced tribrid models limit the number of ip cameras to one or two which is practically useless. You know you can use you own cable with these systems right? Stop knocking costco or similar kits simply because its bad for YOUR business. For the average self install homeowner is the BEST option.
  17. That DVRis not ip nor are the cameras. The installer used ethernet and baluns for analog cameras. This is great for you. since all you need to do is remove the baluns on both sides and crimp so new rj45 plugs on and buy ip cameras and an NVR. If you want flexibility consider a software based VMS like blue iris. Before buying cameras or nvr start doing some research to understand what you are buying.
  18. its 2016, you should not settle for anything less than 1080p. None of that "1200tvl" crap.
  19. Boogieman

    Home Surveillance Design Help Needed

    You cannot point a camera out a windows if you want to use the IR..you will need lots of ambient light.. Dont use a dvr card, those of for old school analog crap low res cameras. If nightime is important stick with a 2mp camera, the higher res cams tend to be noisy. Look at dahua or hikvision 2mp ip cameras. Blue iris is fantastic, and has just been updated with hardware acceleration for intel HD with quicksync.
  20. Boogieman


    If you have and SDI dvr you need an sdi camera. Same goes for CVI and AHD.
  21. Boogieman

    Lorex POE camera bit rates

    You likely had one camera set to constant and the other variable. As far as the noise, if you didnt test it in the same location you cannot make a proper comparison, various surfaces reflect ir differently.
  22. As Securame its either bad cable (CCA-copper clad aluminium) or you did not follow the 568 wiring standard. You must use the wiring standard and cannot simply match the wire colors at the ends.
  23. Enough with your nonsense this unit can spot view all 32 channels.. No need need for them to me on 4mp as the screen cannot support anything close to that.. You keep lying about this Stop it.
  24. yes because ebay is the place to go for a quality camera..lol Stop promoting bad ideas. 5ghz is a bad idea for outdoors, it doesnt penetrate walls well. Wire up the camera properly, use powerline adapters, or if you are all set on wifi, use a wireless bridge. I use this combo that works well. http://www.rflinkstore.com/combo-AVS5808-APW1000.html This on two other cameras where I don't have the room to run cables. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00E953OJQ/ref=s9_hps_bw_g23_i4 That will only work for analog cameras.
  25. http://www.costco.com/Q-See-32-Channel-HD-IP-NVR-with-8TB-HDD%2c-32-4MP-Cameras-with-100'-Night-Vision.product.100222134.html