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    what system for real time recording?

    What cameras? how many? What kind of system? NVR, PC NVR what software? Based on your question about a "higher terabyte" system i would recommend hiring someone to help you set this up...
  2. Boogieman

    Need help with video security system

    HD-cvi is not a good solution for a new install...OP should be going with ip.
  3. Boogieman

    Best budget cctv camera?

    Those cams you linked to are crap..how are you going to plug it into your computer? what software? you need a card for those BNC connectors...the image will be terrible Get a few of these ip cameras http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Dahua-1-3-Megapixel-720P-ONVIF-3-6mm-20m-IR-Bullet-IP-Camera-12v-PoE-IP66/514412_1378587409.html Run dahuas free pss software on your pc...you will need a poe switch..about 50 bux for 4 ports poe..
  4. Boogieman

    SDi V IP

    Dont get sdi...you want to be able to swap cameras in the future when technology improves.. Run cat6 and use ip cameras...85 bux for a hikvision 2032 on aliexpress...add an NVR or pc based NVR and you are done...You can save lots of work in some cases because you dont have to homerun the cables to the NVR...you can bring the cables to a poe switch somewhere in the house then run a single cable to the NVR. Also you dont need to run independent power ...you just use a poe switch or nvr equipped with poe...
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    Q-see NVR question

    If you bought it at costco just take it right back to them...
  6. Boogieman

    Just a newbie

    I doubt they ran fiber to each camera, that would be insane ...regardless you cannot run poe over fiber...
  7. Boogieman

    Excellent Complete Box System

    The SDI cameras are NOT compatible. Costco used to sell the domes and bullets as add ons but the currently do not. With domes you need to look out for a couple of things...for example the basic swann/hikvision 2132 dome http://www.amazon.com/Hikvision-DS-2CD2132-I-Fixed-Focal-Camera/dp/B00EJXK0I6 is only 2 axis, that means you can only properly mount it on a flat horzontal surface (ceiling mount) and not wall mount without additional hardware that is ugly..you need a 3 axis dome like the hikvision 2732 or 2532...(the 2532 has weak ir because if its size)...the other issue with domes is ir reflection (foggy night image if its not set up correctly).... The best of both worlds is the 2332/3332 hikvision turret http://www.amazon.com/Hikvision-DS-2CD2332-I-Turret-Network-Camera/dp/B00GYHEG0S/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1416063268&sr=1-2&keywords=hikvision+turret These can be mounted any way you want, and there is no ir refection issues. Of course you can just get more bullets as well http://www.amazon.com/HIKVISION-DS-2CD2032-I-Outdoor-Bullet-Network/dp/B00M6NC9CG/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1416063325&sr=1-1&keywords=hikvision+2032&pebp=1416063170118 Note that the turret and domes are available with a 2.8mm lens which will give you a wider field of view (at the expense of image quality but it will still look very good and you will have more coverage.) Also, these cams are all available on aliexpress for way less than amazon however you have no warranty or return capablilty (although any warranty via the amazon resellers just depends on the seller and if they stay in business anyway) http://www.aliexpress.com/store/group/IP-Camera/514412_257104127.html
  8. Boogieman

    Just a newbie

    where have you seen this? Dont get carried away to marketing..you need an ip camera system if you want poe.
  9. Boogieman

    Please help me about fps

    HUH? Please explain your question...what system are you using? where are you seeing 8-12fps and then 30?
  10. Boogieman


    Solid not stranded....and you do not need shielded unless running very close to electrical lines or other interference...
  11. Boogieman

    Excellent Complete Box System

    That system is way overpriced...This swann system is a rebranded hikvision and is very good...you will be able to add hikvision cameras to it at a later date. http://www.costco.com/Swann-8-Channel-HD-NVR-Security-System-with-2TB-HDD-and-4-3MP-HD-IP-Cameras.product.100146086.html You are correct about mixing and matching...however if you stick with one manufacturer you can mix and match their various cams...look at hikvision or dahua.. With costco, you can always return it if you dont like it...
  12. Boogieman


    DO NOT RUN CCA...its will/can cause all sorts of problems...aside from it being brittle you may drop packets (not a huge issue on a pc, but on for cams it is) and have issues with POE on long runs..the extra cost is insignificant...for that matter if your are running new cable run cat6...get it from monoprice or cable matters on amazon.
  13. I dont think metricus got english region cameras on ali...metricus how did you confirm that your cameras are english region?
  14. Good point although i run those cameras at 1080p anyways because it provides a wider angle of horizontal view...
  15. If this is what you are referring to...its a good system. http://www.costco.ca/Swann%E2%84%A2-16-channel-HD-NVR-with-3TB-HDD-and-8-HD-1080p-Camera-Kits.product.100115809.html?catalogId=11201&keyword=100115809&langId=-24&storeId=10302&refine= They are rebranded hikvision cameras and NVR... If by rotate you mean pan tilt zoom you are talking 600-2000 per camera depending on the features..remember you cannot just mix and match cameras and NVR's.. You will not be able to use your tv to bring a camera to full screen unless you figure out a way to remotely control your nvr or use an android stick with an app to view cams on the tv...If you want to just change to a channel without having to change the input you will need an rf modulator and will loose image quality...my advice is to keep reading so you learn more before you buy
  16. Boogieman

    Interest in using Android, iOS devices as cameras?

    How is it different than ipwebcam https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pas.webcam&hl=en
  17. Boogieman

    Wiring coax in new construction

    Why dont you use a round junction box...Second, why coax...why not run ethernet and use ip cameras on a new project...at the very least run ethernet now so that will be an option in the future..
  18. Yikes, I hope this isn't common with Hikvision cameras. No its not...its usually something other than the camera when this happens...run good cable , use a good switch and you will be fine....
  19. Boogieman

    Bandwidth/Network Slowdown

    if you homerun to the NVR or a switch attached to the nvr, i dont think that the data passes through the router unless viewing on another network device or remotely.....regardless even if it did you would not even come close to saturating a 10/100 network....not to mention a gigabit connection...you are fine...
  20. Have you scanned the network using sadp or an ip scanner...if you didnt set the camera to maintain a static ip address ...it may have changed...
  21. Boogieman

    New Neighborhood System

    How do you suggest he run cat6 cables from each house to one NVR for streaming? I guess wireless cams would work if he can get them all to connect to one network (can use additional routers as bridges as well). Im going to assume that each house has internet...one camera streaming over the net is no big deal...but with cards in each cam he probably wont even need to do that... Wireless cams are a horrible idea...
  22. Boogieman

    New Neighborhood System

    I disagree, the budget is overkill....install a hikvision camera at each house with a 64gb sd card....the new 3mp with 80m ir and sd card http://www.hikvision.com/UploadFile/image/2014101311390770075.pdf http://www.aliexpress.com/item/new-2014-Original-HIKVISION-3MP-IR-Mini-EXIR-Bullet-Outdoor-Network-Camera-waterproof-infrared-80M-support/32224546393.html You need to confirm sd card option (its in the spec sheet but not in the details here) Total cost for 8 cams is just over 1k....the its all about running the cable and mounting... you can stream each cam over the internet to an nvr if you wish but its probably not needed 64gb will give you two or 3 days...if you want to use an nvr add a couple hundred....
  23. Boogieman


    Glad you fixed it..Was it the foam ring or some other reflection?
  24. Boogieman

    New Neighborhood System

    1) forget about wifi 2) you wont capture anything useful with cameras mounted high up in the attic also you cannot have ir pass though the attic window...you will either need to have external ir or better yet mount the camera outside like its supposed to be.. 3) You are probably best off storing locally to SD cards in each camera