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  1. Hello,


    I have been asked to add a couple of cameras to a fairly old Vista DVR. First one is a IR camera that needs to have a clear vision of a gate 50m away, the other is a PTZ camera with IR vision of a car park stretching up to 150m.


    Any suggestions or ideas of which cameras would do the trick and would be compatible with the DVR?




    none, toss it in the trash. You will need at least 1080p and a long lens...

  2. hello


    I am new here and want your help.

    I want Foscam E1 IP camera for my house and office. I love because it is a wire free, waterproof, long lasting battery, FHD 1080P live view, playback, Advanced Motion Detection and Night Vision.


    I really like it because of its features and it available on Amazon.

    Please suggest me if you know better one ?



    garbage....start doing proper research.

  3. Hello,


    I am planning to install some ahd cameras and dvr in my car. The problem is that the dvr will not have a proper shutdown every time the car is turned off. I have used some DVR's before and usually multiple improper shutdowns are no problem at all, it will boot up just find and start recording automatically again. This scenario however will make it shutdown 2-3 times a day every day. Has anyone had experience like this before? How long did the DVR last?


    Also, is there a difference between cheap chinese ahd cameras and the more quality ones apart from image quality?

    buy a dashcam and stop screwing around.

    Or buy a dedicated mobile DVR unit.

  4. I'm listening. What do you suggest that has at least the 36x or higher zoom?

    And if it's possible to get a replacement block camera, and cheaper than a new camera, that may have to be the option for the moment. Appreciate the help.

    dahua has cvi HD cameras that are backwards compatible. better yet replace the dvr with a dahua cvi dvr. You dont need 36x when you have much higher res.

  5. Interesting turn of events. The IR sensor came back to life and is working fine. The camera's I use don't use a cut filter but do use an IR sensor. Obviously I'll continue to monitor but at this point, everything is working great. By the way after considerable due diligence I found a company that I'm very happy with. They are CCTV Camera Pros https://www.cctvsecuritypros.com/ With exception of two dome cameras I use model CSP-1PB4. With other homes I've owned and camera systems I've installed I've never had a problem with LED's

    to bad you got suckered by that crap...next time do some research.

  6. I have the same question.

    LPR enabled IP cameras could be much more expensive than regular cameras.

    We could have much wider selection, in case we could go for regular cameras.

    Highly performing LPR algorithms can run on a PC or server for many numbers of cameras.

    Which one we can save more money in total system cost???

    Any one can give the answer???



    That's easy to answer ...... IP is cheaper and more reliable and upgradable and cost less to install.


    Analog would just be a waste of money and like you have said PC or server is also needed which is we're the cost is


    I meant regular cameras to be analog HD (TVI,CVI,AHD), HD-SDI, EX-SDI, conventional analog cameras, and IP cameras, all of which do not carry LPR functions themself. LPR is supposed to be done by PC or server for multiple cameras. If VMS is employed, PC must be there for system integration.

    another post where sunnykim has no clue...stop posting misinformation. Please, for the love of god you china scammer.

  7. only some of the led's are blown.


    the cameras are not crap, the replacement LED boards are crap.


    I thought there may be a protection diode or some other mod to add to the board

    to prolong the life of the LED's.



    if the cameras were not crap you would not have to replace the led boards in the first place...stop buying junk...even if you earn minimum wage your time is not worth it.

  8. Hello everyone,


    I have several security cameras around my home. All of them are night vision cameras.


    It seems that the LEds in these cameras do not last very long. I have been purchasing a replacement LED board for each camera, however they do not last longer than a few months.


    The board replacement is very cheaply made (in China) and tends to blow more easily.

    All of the power supplies for each camera are clean, and working.


    I have other more expensive cameras where the LED's never blow (not in 10 years)


    So I want to ask if anyone knows of a mod to one of these boards. Maybe the current limit resistor is not the correct value?


    any help would be appreciated.



    stop buying crap cameras

  9. Hi Dear


    This Course and Training of IP Surveillance Systems provides a foundation of knowledge and a some of usefull tools that will help you to interact with any IP surveillance systems.

    Many of the concepts covered here are reflected in different worldwide VMS and Cameras Certifications Design Engineer, Certifictions Integration Technician, and also certifications Integration Engineer.


    Go to : http://www.udemy.com/ip-videosurveillance



    only a fool would sign up...scammer

  10. How much would I charge for running all cable for 16 cameras in the attic? Never done an install like this. Don't want to overcharge the customer and do not want to undercharge as-well. Any help will be very appreciated.

    0 you have no clue and are experimenting on him...perhaps he should charge you...

  11. I have been tasked with designing and installing a system for a client whom i have done a dozen or so systems for and who will likely buy as many more if i can make this work with the unique challenges this project provides.

    This system will have 16 4mp Dahua dome cameras with vari-focal motorized lenses. one Dahua 16 channel poe nvr.

    the issues are ; the customers network is lan only and they will allow no access outside the building in addition they will only allow me to connect 1 nvr to the network and issue only 1 ip address for local access by building staff. there are a number of cams that will be 500' from the headend equipment. so my idea was to add poe switch(s) . but everything i have read so far says i must connect the poe switch to the LAN port on the nvr but this port will be used to connect the nvr to the building network. can one of the poe ports be used to connect a switch ? if not , any other way to accomplish this? my next idea was to add another nvr but i cannot as the building network admin will only allow one ip address.

    any input will be greatly appreciated.

    you are a danger...clueless...same with that network admin...

  12. i am in the same spot i am a installer whoi is trying to learn the hikvision dvr so i bought one off of ebay and believing he would not lie to me yes im a authorized distributor well i sent the info thru saap and guess what they wont help so my question is there anyway to default the system and start over here is the info on the dvr any help would be greatly appreciated



    V3.1.15build 170217





    V5.0, build 160202

    2018-03-11 22:14:21










    perhaps you should look at the posts above yours...

  13. you can see the NVR over IP. I feed the composite video to Channelplus 5545 modulators to make all NVRs visible on all TVs. I bought the CCTV system from an apartment building off of eBay, learned a whole new skill set.

    God you dont have a clue...you need to stop giving bad advice.

  14. 51cent - Hikvision would be first choice but costs a bit more. We’ve already pushed our budget from £300 to £500 to hopefully get a better system.


    Where’s the best place to buy Hikvision in the uk as it seems you need to be a business to see the prices and buy from most websites? Buying off eBay or Amazon has its own risks so would rather source from a genuine site/agent.


    And Boogieman, thanks for being so helpful! I came here looking for advice from experts or those with better knowledge than me. My research led me to Annke or Reolink but if you can suggest something better, please do...

    I suggest you search for dahua starlight and hikvision low light cameras...

  15. Hi - We're looking for a 4 camera 4mp NVR POE system around £500, but having difficulty deciding on a brand.


    I've read some fairly good reviews of Annke and Reolink, but for the money should we consider Hiwatch due to the parent company being Hikvision?


    I believe Annke and Reolink camera's have aluminium bodies whereas Hiwatch are plastic. But internally will the Hiwatch NVR and camera's be Hikvision just with different cases and packaging? Obviously the Hiwatch systems run the Hikvision software which I assume must be a positive?


    Also does anyone know which would be the best brand to work with OSX as we only have a MacBook and not a Microsoft computer?


    Thanks for you help

    You have not done your research...reolink and annke's amazon reviews are mostly fake .


    reolink is a garbage lying company...

    annke is mostly as well, though SOME of their cameras are simply rebaranded hikvision...

    there are much better options out there,, search..