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  1. You are talking like 16 years old boy..

    Can someone else recommend on a security camera?

    Did you even bother reading the forum?

    Typical spammer..posts a link in the form of a question to push a product. We are not dumb here in the US china man.


    "Typical spammer" but i am not a spammer- you could have asked me to remove the link, like i did now.

    Anyway, i am looking for a camera, could you recommend one that will suits me?

    Read the forum..

    Forget wifi...

    Buy from a reliable company...

  2. Toss the monitors in the trash, its 2016..buy an large led monitor and DVR that is compatible with the cameras..Or buy cheap analog cameras..


    Cheap analog cameras.. like 960H? If those would work, I'd consider that. It's for a vintage movie set design project I'm working on. It's less about the quality of the resolution and more about the monitors.



    yes, those should work..

  3. I picked up some old Sony PVM-411 rack mount monitors the other day and was hoping to do a cool vintage looking security setup for fun. I bought a set of Samsung 720P cameras, connected them to the monitors and I'm not seeing any picture, just static. I've messed with the vertical and horizontal alignment as well. Can anyone thing of what might be the problem and how to fix this?


    The cameras have BNC connectors

    The monitors have BNC inputs

    The cameras have power.


    Thanks a lot for your help. It would be much appreciated.

    Wont work...the samsung cameras are likely CVI or TVI...they cannot be directly connected to an analog monitor...

  4. old, and old school, electronics tech here. my electronic systems tend to grow and expand, and I don't have to pay for skilled labor, so I tend to plan for growth


    IP cameras consume bandwidth. more cameras, more bandwidth. The DVR consumes bandwidth. how much do you have?


    4 analog cameras to one DVR minimizes bandwidth consumption.


    If I was doing new construction ( in NM, where innovation in building is not a crime ) I would run PVC tubing for use as low voltage and fiber optic conduit. I would cut windows in the tubing at corners and reattach the cutout with a hinge. I would run Cat 5 or 6, fiber optic cable, RG59, 12 VDC and 5 VDC.


    I currently have a large junction box on my back wall that is big enough to hold 3 DVRS, 4 VDAs and an RF modulator. If I did it again I would get a bigger box that held 4 DVRs, because you always seem to need one more.


    I do not think in terms of camera locations. I think in terms of breakout boxes. many locations that were once camera locations are now multi camera locations; one each east, south and west.

    Its amazing that in 2016 and folks are still posting misinformation about IP cameras consuming network bandwidth. THIS IS NOT TRUE. If you home run the cameras to the NVR as you would with a traditional analog system then there is ZERO extra load placed on the system. If you connect the cameras to a POE SWITCH and the NVR to the same switch or to a cascading switch again there is ZERO extra bandwidth on the network.

    EVEN if you put the cameras on the network, a standard intallation of 8-16 cameras would not put a dent in a gigabit network.. Please stop misleading.

  5. There are guys who keep promoting IP system(HikVision or Dahua). Once they knew you bought them, their job is done. You can not expect any more help from them. The best one is to get help from your local installers.

    No one mention any of those brands...what was mention is that 960h is GARBAGE. Do you think we dont have youtube in the US?

    Local installers really? are you recommending that to a guy who is trying to setup a system with 15 dollar dvr cards....come on be serious here.

    And YES ip is the way to go...its 2016 not 1996...

  6. If you go for IP camera system, you may check out POE and software fees for each camera.


    That's a new one POE fees. How much is that for each camera




    AS FAR AS CAMERA COSTS Stay with brand name and same software and it's free



    thanks for advice, but can anyone forward me to where i can buy these IP cameras, i can only find these Wireless ones that go for $30 each, i want wired ones that connect to my 16port switch and i wanna use a PC to monitor them....


    all help appreciated

    Then you havent read this forum or done even the slightest bit of research..


    How are you? I have been in cctv market for nearly 20 years. IP cameras can be complicated sometimes. What I would propose is the following. If using a poor quality POE switch, make sure the customer restarts the POE at least every few days...should then not give problems. Remember, IP cameras is like computers. Leave them online for a few days or weeks, something can go wrong if they don't get restarted. Dealt with a company called Eagleview and their IP cameras has a function where you can program the camera to restart itself should it loose connection, or just to restart once every few days. That will solve the problem with a unstable POE switch. Else you will have to invest in better POE's.

    If you are confirming bad things about IP camera systems, Boogieman gets very mad against you. Be careful.

    Nah...just like to point out china scammers who promote outdated 960h analog because their company sells it...also, like you sunnykim Keatano is a spammer for eagleview...

    You dont need to restart ip cameras every few days...what a joke...I have hundreds that hum along 24/7 perfectly without interruption...stop making it seam like there are zero issues with analog...every other post in the analog forum is an issue..this is a SUPPORT forum...that means people come here when there are problems...

  8. hi i recently purchases DVI-PCI cards and i am making an old PC into a dedicated DVR unit, it has plenty of HDD and with the cards it comes with the software,


    does anyone kno if there is a program that i can use thats universal with the hardware and that allows access from a iPhone app or Android App

    Its 2016...you are going backwards...

    Also, check power consumption on that old pc...you would be better of replacing it with a newer one and running ip cameras..


    yea mate the PC has plenty of power, upgraded the Powersupply and few other bits and pieces,

    why do you say "its 2016 you are going backwards"


    correct me if im wrong, well i thought useing a PC would be much more reliable to use rather than the DVR units witch are so slow to use and always having issues, its only for private use not a full on Shopping center use lol....


    but my real concern is if software is available to make it accessible using an App for the mobiles!!!

    When i said power consumption I meant that the old pc is likely a huge power hog costing you more to run than replace with a new efficient system.

    Using a pc is not the problem, I always used PC based vms, using a capture card with analog cameras on a new installation is the problem..

  9. hi i recently purchases DVI-PCI cards and i am making an old PC into a dedicated DVR unit, it has plenty of HDD and with the cards it comes with the software,


    does anyone kno if there is a program that i can use thats universal with the hardware and that allows access from a iPhone app or Android App

    Its 2016...you are going backwards...

    Also, check power consumption on that old pc...you would be better of replacing it with a newer one and running ip cameras..

  10. We have been installing the ip cameras for awhile now and have only had one other customer with length issues. we first used the poe repeater off ebay for about 39.00 each and had good luck with them on the first job. The second job (lesson learned) I measured out 275 ft exactly put in a ped. went another 275 put in a ped. I ran cat 5 e from some place out of texas and it was nothing but problems. My buddy had some surplus wire from a job he did for the amory ( thats all he dose) and it was belden cat 6 nice stuff and we re ran all new wires, new ends, verified all connections. the cameras came right up no problems everyone is happy. So I thought well 2 months later the customer called and said we have a couple cameras out. we went out and checked and unplugged the repeaters checked the poe injectors powered them back up and they worked. 1 month later same thing but a different camera.



    Now we had 4 cameras down put new repeaters on and got all of them working but wait theres more while we were there showing the customer some new things they could do 1 camera stopped working (no video) another lost connection then reconnected then another went out......wtf



    I guess Im looking for a poe repeater that's not 496.00 each. I know my wire is good and I think me being a tight butt has cost me alot of time and money. thank you for your help


    You do not have troubles if gone for analog systems. But please keep posting the message as there are many guys who keep promoting IP camera system might come to the rescue.

    STOP LYING YOU CHINA SPAMMER. Analog is garbage. There are plenty of posts with analog systems having issues. OP's problem is likely related to bad cables or cheap repeater. Sunnykim works for a company that only sells analog. Please dont take his scam advice.

  11. Stop being cheap on the install. You will regret it later. Six months from now you might not like the DVR interface..then you are stuck because you dont have other options...Also dont buy no name crap because its cheap...one of the most important factors in a recorder or camera is the firmware..if its not stable or does not function properly then its worthless.