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  1. Hello all. I'm an electronics tech looking for a video recording system to order either as an all in one system or piecing together the right components to make my own. I wanted to introduce myself since I'm new here and was doing some research for a system for our research dept. I'm looking to present 3 options: a barebone system, something in the middle, and a high end system. As far as the system goes, I am looking for the following:


    At least 4 Cameras

    High Resolution

    Great Zoom (Cameras will be mounted on top of a mast from as far as 10' or closer, but need to be able to have really good focus)

    One with a HDD

    The ability to network the system for remote access

    Durability (It's going to reside in an industrial environment)

    Remote focusing would be a plus


    Thanks for any help or routing me in the right direction.

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