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  1. Did you try the password that was original before you changed it or no password? Maybe when you changed it, the change did not take. Some DVRs reset button require the button to be held during power up.


    Thank you, I have the problem identified and resolved itself now! The software is not 64 bit compatible. I tried the configuration on an older Win XP system and resolved without any problems.

    Unfortunately, it was not apparent that the software is not 64-bit compatible.

    On 64-bit it has been admitted that changing the password, but thus closed all entrances. A reset launched the recorder to the factory settings.

  2. Hello,


    I have an Seenergy SVR-204 Recorder.


    After correct network installation i change at least the admin password. Now there is an error "Permission denied" when I start the connection.


    Is there some method to set the SVR-204 in the Factory setting mode...without the Software?? There is a small "reset"-button in the case...but the effect is that the SVR start again...without changing the password.


    How can I make a Hardreset?


    What can I do?