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  1. I am always weary of the "expert" guy that totes his new technology is the latest and greatest. I always ask how many units are in the field and can I call someone who is using your product exclusively.


    I am not sold easily and always test any new technology extensively before I take it to market. The worst scenario is getting a call that a system is down or improperly functioning the week after it was installed because some "expert" with slick shoes said it was the latest and the greatest.


    I have seen to many salesman burn people.

  2. Thanks for the reply.


    Most users are not that familier with back door methods, if they are locked down and disabled, but if there is an employee who knows how to format hard drives, they can cause all kinds of problems. I have seen it first hand.


    In fact, I have been to service call where the store managers was checking their email on the supposed "secure DVR". Not one that I sold, though. There was all kinds of intresting "stuff" on that machine.



  3. Hello everyone,


    I just left my "burn out" job to form a new security company located in Washington, DC. I am starting small but thinking big. Maybe, someday I will get there.


    My philosophy is that there is no such thing as competition, only friends and partners. If there is someone who can design, install and service a customer better than me and for less money, than good for them. I need to learn from them.




  4. One of the major reasons I do not like using windows based recorders is there is usually never much thought given in disabling access to windows, the start menu and worst of all the hard drives.


    lack of windows critical patching is another. Really, there are too many to mention here.


    How do you guys disable access to windows, patch and generally get these systems not to crash on a regular basis.


    I am not slinging mud, but I am being forced to have to look back into windows based recorders due to lack of a company that has produced a hybrid (analog/ip support) linux based software and hardware.

  5. Let me say, to start, that I am not an authority on network/hybrid video recorders. There is always that suspicion in the back of my mind that the video will not get from A (camera) to B (the NVR) and if it does what qualitly and how bogged down will the network become.


    Don't get me wrong, I would love to be able to install cameras all over a facility using the existing backbone with little network trouble/bog or bugs....


    I have been looking at www.milestone.com. Any thoughts?


    I guess I am looking for an education.


    Has anyone ever used NVR software on a linux platform?