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  1. On 1/19/2019 at 2:25 PM, proxybox said:

    alexf40, I have the same box and am in the same situation you are in. Thanks for posting the question.

    Q: Did you load the firmware in steps or did you just load the recent firmware you mentioned? Also, did you get the firmware from the US or European site? Thanks

    Hi, I uploaded to the most recent version I could find, I managed to upload directly and didn't need any intermidiate firmware. Sorry I don't remember which site I downlaoded from.

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  2. Hi


    I'm hoping someone can help me here, I've read all the posts but still confused.


    I'm trying to setup port forwarding so I can access my cameras remotely, but I'm not sure what IP address I should be using.


    My cameras all have static IPs, connected to a switch which in turn is connected to the router.


    Do I use the routers internal IP as the IP address for the forward rule?



  3. Hi


    One of my DS-2CD2332-I cameras decided to self reset, and on trying to change it's IP address back to what I need it to be my username/password no longer work.


    I've tried admin and 123456 etc and can't get it to work. If I select forgot password option it asks me for an authorisation code.


    What do I need to do to get it or how do I hard reset it?




  4. With the Hikvision cameras, installing a different language firmware update e.g English on a Chinese camera will brick it. Hikvision have done this to stop people buying their cameras cheaper from China.


    This is what I'm concerned with, I purchased the NVR from Aliexpress years ago and I don't know if it is a Worldwide or Chinese product. The cameras I have from the same seller are a mix of both.


    Are the NVRs not region locked so to speak?

  5. Hi,


    I was wondering if anyone knows what update version is safe for me to update to?


    I'm currently using v3.0.10, and quite a few times something has happened which has caused my HDD to lose initialisation. I'm then unable to format it in the NVR and have to take it out and reformat it. I've ran the WD health scan and there are no issues with the drive which makes me feel there's a bug with the NVR causing this.


    I've noticed there is a new release V3.4.95 build170626 on the Europe website but not sure if I can update to this, as I bought my NVR from Aliexpress a few years ago.




    The serial number has letters AARRxxxxxxxxxWCVU so I'm not sure if it's region coded or safe to update with English software etc. It's currently in English but I have no idea if it was hacked.


    Thanks for your help.

  6. Hi


    Cammy are no longer providing their free version of their software, I'd happily pay for it if it was cheaper but i don't believe $60pm for six cameras is a good investment and that's discounted from $15.


    I've also got Ezviz but it's not a particularly great application.


    I'd like an app which allows me to easily and quickly see when motion has been detected and the ability to then review the footage.


    What do you use?



  7. Hi,


    For some reason all my cameras have stopped recording within iVMS, I've just updated to the latest version and still have the same issues.


    All cameras storage schedules are set to the full time event template, all cameras show fine in the main view. But I can't open any cameras in the remote playback screen, I just get the error no record file found.


    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.