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  1. Hello Guys

    Need a bit of advice, i currently have a VT)2000a and VTH1550CH currently running SIP versions, reason for this i needed to disable voice commands which is available in SIP version of firmware.  I have also noticed better Video from VTO2000a on the latest SIP versions, anyone else noticed this?

    For some odd reason i cannot get my VTO talking to VTH in sip versions unless i run VTO as a SIP server and connect my VTH using SIP.

    Above is OK but issue i get is whenever VTO reboots i cant get it talking to VTH again.  It seems the VTO extension takes time to come online.

    Any suggestions please?

  2. Hi Guys,


    I am new here and wondered if someone can be kind enough to tell me what system I should go for based on my budget.


    I am wanting to install dome IP cameras which are varyfocal. I looked at the cost of hikvision but its out of my budget wanting 6 cameras. hoping for a good view both day and night, don't mind 1.3 mp


    Can someone suggest other options which I can purchase via aliexpress?