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  1. Hello,


    I need help in finding or resetting the Admin password for the LTS LTD8316T-FA DVR. I can access as user1, but; need to reconfigure settings.


    This is a customer owned (new restaurant, inherited from previous restaurant) DVR and I told them I would try to help.


    Already tried 111111, 11111111, 123456, 12345678.


    I'm impressed with the knowledge base of this forum and am hoping to find a solution here.



  2. Hello,


    I've just joined this forum after reviewing the high quality of the knowledge base of the members.


    I am currently looking at a 2009 Nuvico AL1600 and was wondering if anybody has feedback regarding this product. I've looked at the spec sheet, and it does seem to meet the requirements needed. I would love to know the quality of the playback.


    If anyone is familiar with this please let me know.


    Thanks for your time.