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  1. Hello there! Thanks for all the information regarding the HFW-4300S v2.


    I inadvertently screwed up my admin password for most of the cameras that I have (8 in total), but I have access to the admin interface using the 888888 user. Will flashing the cameras with new firmware reset the passwords/enable me to use telnet? I'm currently on 2.420.0000.0.R, build : 2014-04-19




    I don't know about re-loading the firmware, but if you need to re-set the passwords, you can use the clearparam command as described in the opening post.


    telnet into the camera, then type




    This will do a 'factory reset' for all of the camera parameters - it will clear any user accounts that you may have created, and it will restore the camera default settings (passwords, ip addresses, overlays, etc).


    When I ran this the process seemed to hang (as it has changed the camera ip address, and so the telnet session was mangled). But after waiting for the camera to re-appear as I was able to access the GUI using admin and the default admin password.



    -- Chris

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