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    IR Housing ?

    thanks guys for the replies. @cctv_down_under I assume you talking about using the lens filter if i go the IR housing way correct? did you had any past experience with these devices? are they reliable and perform OK if i don't have the means for another IR device? thanks again.
  2. casino sounds like a fun account. sign me up 2.
  3. sinbad


    also try to click your keyboard 'windows' button (if you have one) to open the start menu.
  4. sinbad

    explanation of GV servers

    anyone have a break down of all the servers GV have listed in "network port information" ? will really want to know what they have to offer if you know of any please post. WebCam - I know CenterV2- I know Control Center server - ?? Remote PLayback server- ?? TCP server - ?? Multicast server -?? Twin server- ?? UpnP -?? Wiegand capture server-??
  5. sinbad

    alerts anyone?

    Hi guys, new around here; please be nice can someone please help me with instructions on how to configure GV800 to send me email alerts with images? I have an smtp account working and test email works fine. I see "Email Setup" in multicast and get the test email from there but I don't see where/what triggers the alert to be sent. I have the cam set on motion-detect but no email is sent when something happened. can someone clarfiy for me what's this setting page is for exactly? I'm able to recieve alerts from CenterV2 but that include only what I put in the text box and not include a log message or a jpg. anyway to get snapshots in email via CenterV2?
  6. sinbad

    alerts anyone?

    thanks bike_rider.
  7. sinbad

    alerts anyone?

    hmmm... my manual is 314 pages u have a link maybe for u'r version?
  8. sinbad

    24AC bullet camera

    thanks a lot for the replies people. really appreciated. @Rooney awesome link. thanks.
  9. sinbad

    24AC bullet camera

    Hi all, sure it was asked before; sorry but cant find it. any 24VAC bullet out there? thanks in advance.
  10. sinbad

    set resulotion per camera

    Hi all, anyway I can set cameras 1,2,3 to record in (240x320) and only camera 4 (640x480) Configure>Video Source only let me set it globally. any ideas? [GV800 V.8.01
  11. sinbad

    set resulotion per camera

    Thanks a lot 501. 2nd time you hit me if you were here I would let you a spin on my ptz
  12. sinbad

    How do I limit Geovision on Hard Drive use?

    out of curiosity, mind if i ask why not H.264 compression? u can find a good powerful freeware for partitioning here: http://www.ranish.com/part/ make sure you read all the documents before you start. also, since you already using the drive you should know that splitting it now to *might* cause you problems so make a backup just in case.
  13. sinbad

    not have video with Geovision 8.1 from cameras

    is this a legit card?
  14. sinbad

    set resulotion per camera

    too bad. what a nice picture it has.
  15. sinbad

    How do I limit Geovision on Hard Drive use?

    It's normal that windows only shows you *most* of your drive as available space. FYI very not healty for your windows drive to run low on space. get Acronis and play with partitions. it's always a good idea is to set separate partition for the GV recordings( you can leave the proggy installed in the path but to store the video elsewhere.) I think that your recording time is too low for 400 GB that you do have. should be way more than 3 days no? what res you have set? what compression? what card?
  16. sinbad

    Inox IX5600 ?

    sorry can't post link to info. I'll sure update links in couple days: I got 4 of INOX IX5600 dual CCD for a job to try them. distance between server to cams is ~400 ft. wired over Siamese 22AWG w/95% braid, 2X18AWG power. first it worked fine, then it started having black round corners on all the cameras, it looks just as if the shield is blocking the lens view. So i searched to see if i can find some info and found this page: bluecherry [DOT] net/support/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=2 pretty much it says that the cam is known to have problems with long distance wires. but I don't know how reliable that site is. I'll have to change them to box cameras and see if it's the same. Can someone share if they had any problems in situations like this? is this a know issue?
  17. sinbad

    gv600 fullscreen does't work !

    sounds to me like an issue with your dual monitor app rather than GV. try UltraMon i use it for 2 monitors w/out problems/
  18. sinbad

    Inox IX5600 ?

    yes we see that already. damn what a waste of $$$ on this cams. btw what was the distance in your job?
  19. sinbad

    Geo for Phone

    I have Motorola A1000, Symbian OS, SSView and T-mobile connection. works sweet but my partners Cingular connection is much much better here in Miami. if you want to control PTZ better get a 'listed as tested' device from the GV list. http://www.geovision.com.tw/english/6_0_news.asp?stable=FAQ&sfiled=fsid&stable1=FAQG&sfiled1=fid&pno1=25&title=FAQ&gname=FAQ&pno=94
  20. sinbad

    alerts anyone?

    bike rider this is very cool. u made my day. any way you know how to make center V2 send images ? thanks again!
  21. sinbad

    alerts anyone?

    can someone confirm that he's able to receive images from GV-800 via email alert?
  22. sinbad

    3gpp viewing on mobile phone (webcam)

    My Motorola A1000 is working fine with symbian+SSview, but I can't control the PTZ yet. GV have on their site a list of tested devices. mine isn't there but works.