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    Need Help with an important matter...

    Don't be insulted we just having some fun. Seriously if you think there is a real reason for your concern you can call a local private investigator who will come to your house for $200 and will scan it for you. You can also buy equipment online but i would pay a pro to know for sure. Most pi have good equipment for that so yoh dont buy crap accidentally.
  2. altronix hubway is good stuff you might want to check it out. http://www.altronix.com/products/product.php?name=HUBWAY8D
  3. what analog camera is 20MByte/sec ? you sure u didn't get confused a bit.
  4. sell him dwg dvrs to replace the Qsee crap. I don't think there is a client that lets you connect two different mfg dvrs.
  5. this might be too small for siamese. you can buy wire mold at home depot in the electrical isle which will be big enough.
  6. sinbad

    Need Help with an important matter...

    the voices are in your head. If you cheat on the wife at least don't do it in her home. best post I read this year.
  7. IEI, Geovision, Keri systems, linear, all make standalone unit. its going to be a standalone controller with couple relays so you can control whatever, strike/maglock. IEI makes keypads all in one cheap.
  8. In the dvr itself under network settings not in the client software.
  9. sinbad

    2 Monitors 1 DVR? Is it possible?

    not sure about the Dahua DVR but some dvrs let you select which channels are viewed on the spot out bnc. then you can plug this to any monitor with F connector
  10. you probably want to put your router IP for the DNS server.
  11. sinbad

    Geovision hybrid system

    If u buy geovision cameras you dont need additional licenses. If you use 3rd party cams you do. It comes as usb dongle. You can check on their website compatible brands/models. No worries about D1 limit. Won't affect your MP cams.
  12. I'll install regular floodlight if you can. Thieves don't like properly lite areas. I prefer keeping them off property than catching them. If it must be ir you can get vitek ir for decent investment. They also have 110v type that you can install easily. The other solutions look sweet but i got the feeling if they had the money they'll hire a pro not googling for advice.
  13. First of all 4tb for 20 mega pixel wont give you more than 5-6 days even when configured perfectly. Add some hdd they dirt cheap nowadays. Also make sure your gv cams are set to h264 it should reduce drastically the storage space
  14. sinbad

    GV-AView on AT&T 4G

    I have s3 and att and no problem either.
  15. sinbad

    wireless conections

    They make bnc to vga for less than a $100 Or get monitor with rf or rca input and you can plug the receiver directly.
  16. +1 for videoiq. Ill get their ptz. Anything else and youll be swamped with false alerts.
  17. sinbad

    remote access DVR on two routers

    Lets say your first router subnet is 10.0.0.x and 2nd router is 192.168.1.x and dvr ip is When you login to the admin of under WAN area youll see whats ip it got from the first router, lets guess its for example. What you want to do is port forward on the first router all the ports required for your dvr to And on the second router forward the same ports to your dvr In the dvr network setting make sure you have the sunbet mask, default gw and dns information of the second router. Hope this helps and good luck.
  18. interesting. I don't see why their ddns service will require it, if its working remotely with the IP address directly it seems like your routing within the lan is ok. but they know better how their stuff works. to comply with their request set in your DVR network setting the router internal IP as DNS. this should be good most times, ie DVR dns request are forwarded to the router which in turn gets DNS from your ISP dhcp. you can temporarily try setting your dvr to DHCP and see what the network setting it gets, my guess is that you'll see your router IP in the DNS, but it could be that you'll see there external IP of the ISP ddns. just use the same settings when you change back to static. yes you are correct its just convert the DDNS hostname to your current IP. no other magic there.
  19. they still have free account. but you need to register first for pro trial than cancel it. I did it several times already. register, use credit card (no charge), get your domain name, cancel subscription, stay with free account (just one host). check this http://www.dyncommunity.com/questions/21580/from-dyn-what-happened-to-free-accounts.html you can check what/if other providers are allowed. in my ddwrt router they support a bunch of them. http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/DDNS_-_How_to_setup_Custom_DDNS_settings_using_embedded_inadyn_-_HOWTO but that's just regarding the uptime of ddns servers. what does qsee support wants you to do in the dvr settings?
  20. sinbad

    IP over WIFI

    the 'dongle' is USB for laptop use AFAIK. you want to get a 3g router and buy the sim card from T-mobile. then wire your dvr to the router and viola.
  21. most routers on the market today have DDNS menu entry in them so you could use that as the updater instead. most will support dyndns which let you register a name for free. I would think its more reliable than qsee servers. (I'm using the paid version for all my clients and never had down time so far)
  22. sinbad

    Public view monitor with IP camera

    you can get a cam that has coax output as well and simply plug that to the RCA/F connector input on any TV without the hassle of web tv and connection issues. not a killer image on the PVM but serve the purpose.
  23. your wife bought 8 cam+dvr system for less than $400, what did you expect? that even offending the 10 years old Chinese boy who assembled this crap. we get license plates with analog all the time. MP is better but with a decent system and correct lens you get LPR.
  24. sinbad

    Sony Brand Camera - Sample Night Image

    where 98 feet? it looks like 30' and ****ty image. for what you paid its totally wrong. but must be your settings somewhere. try rebooting the cam after dip switch changes if you don't see the changes immediately. if that's the best it gets I'll return it and buy a samsung or nuvico cam instead. both have nice image at night time. I always cut the range they claim in 30%. if you really need 100' range buy an external IR unit. Vitek make nice units which are cost effective. I'll stay away from noname IR illuminators. (or anything else lol)
  25. you guys don't have EMT conduit there? Back in NY I used to work alot with brick walls and never had issues drilling the brick itself and using tapcons to attach pipe to wall every 10 feet.