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    any reason why not UTP?

    good day, searching on the forums here and on NVT site i'm wondering more and more if there is a reason why not to use UTP cable with balun instead of coax? also, do i need just 2 wires per camera? can a single cat5 cable transmit 4 cameras video? thanks!
  2. sinbad

    Geovision SMS picture text message / teach me

    very cool. my carrier is metro pcs and I don't think they have MMS from email. maybe time to get that iphone thanks for sharing. btw if anyone gonna do some testing:
  3. sinbad

    Geovision SMS picture text message / teach me

    you mean you used another xxx-xxxxxxx@mycingular.com for sending MMS and it worked? That's very interesting, share some more info plz
  4. sinbad

    change View Log resolution?

    Hi guys, I have an install where I put Remote View Log on the client PC with 1240x1024, he recently replaced his screen to a widescreen (1400x900) and now the bottom bar is missing from the viewport. He's now on limited XP user so I can't install over it with smaller rez. I was wondering if there is any ini file that I can edit on his PC to change rhe rez to smaller size instead of re downloading and install of remote view log? thanks and have a great weekend!
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    change View Log resolution?

    good ganja there?
  6. sinbad

    change View Log resolution?

    thx but
  7. That looks good to me. You have plenty clearance for both PCI Express. I'm surprised tiger don't have the mobo specs on their site. enjoy. btw how many cams you putting on this?
  8. can you post the link to the image? remove the http:// or .com
  9. AFAIK they use MSI or other OEM mobos. Thing is that the mobo is where you would have issues if any, so the other info isn't important as this PC is quite strong. You just need to confirm that the mobo isn't using VIA or ATI chipset. give them a call to make sure. but know it's not that solid science I'm afraid, we got GV running on VIA chipsets and even on my AMD machine for few months without any issues. I think it's more to cover their asses or to market Intel than a real limition If the mobo is good, the rest of the specs seems pretty good to me and I believe you'll enjoy the system with these specs. One more important thing to know is that if you get the PCI Express version of the GV card, you'll want to make sure that the PCI Express Slot on the mobo has enough clearance from the other parts as the GV express cards are pretty long and I've seen them not fitting in mobo because the RAM slots are too close to the pci express slot. To know that you will need to see a pic of the mobo, for that you'll need HP to tell you what's the mobo they using on this machine and google it to find the image or post here the link.
  10. who gives a &^%* how many usb ports you got there tell us what's the motherboard. or better give a link for the seller. anyway from looking at HP site I don't see any reason why it won't work. and if your seller offers XP I would take it instead of the vista.
  11. me again does anyone here have experience with GV keyboard and joystick? I have the setup with GV 1280+ GV-Keyboard V2.0 and the GV-Joystick. The Joystick is connected to keyboard through the RJ45 jack. The keyboard connected to the NET Card on the system using the provided RJ11 jack. I have the mcamctrl.exe running on startup, I can connect when the app starts, but after 1-2 days that I didn't connect with the keyboard it gives me "connection fail" untill I restart mcamctrl.exe any ideas? Thanks.
  12. sinbad

    Avermedia POS setup?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to setup an NV5000 with POS and having issues to get the text on the DVR. I did dozens of GV with POS but I'm not familiar with Aver POS even though it's the same box I think I have it all setup correctly. The printer works without problems even though I don't get the text on the DVR which is a bit different than GV. I'm using parallel on the POS side, the printer is generic text only restaurant no-name printer, i doubt it's the printer. I used rs-485 on the POS side since the DVR is ~50ft from the POS; and GV-com box to convert the rs-485 to USB on the DVR end. I believe it should work but not sure. However I never get the lights on transmit/receive on the com box. I have the baud rate set to 9600 and actually tried all my available baud settings. is there something silly I might missed?
  13. u can also check there 'Mandatory recording'.
  14. sinbad

    How Can I Change The Geovision 8.2 Skin?

    I guess you could if you already installed it here you go FBR from 8.11 http://rapidshare.com/files/143487816/GV_8.1_FBR.ZIP.html
  15. sinbad

    GV800 4-Cam - expand or upgrade?

    If I were you I would stay with V7 I don't think v8 worth the trouble if you have v7 setup already. You'll need the GV-Net card or Net I/O card for controlling your PTZ. I think you won't be able to use IP cams with V7 but I could be 100% wrong about that. as for the executable party in the suite things are pretty much the same. any exe found in their labs find its way to the install folder the first time I installed GV and noticed that I said to myself "WTF, a company is worth few millions and cant even have their engineers sorting directories?" I guess it like "Chan Zee, do u have another exe I can through in there?" but bottom line is that they are the best out there so far...so bit your tong and move along...
  16. waking the deads I hope. anyone tried it yet?
  17. sinbad

    Power failure auto reboot

    I don't think so. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wake-on-LAN#How_it_works
  18. sinbad

    GV-800 Keeps logging out

    try making a NEW limited user name, check the permission tab and allow it only to login, but not to stop recording and use it for auto login see if that helps.
  19. sinbad

    Power failure auto reboot

    you can install the software that comes with the battery backup. I use APC or MinuteMan and both ship with a software that will shut down the PC after XX minutes of power failure but AFAIK you can't make it boot the PC when the power is back on. I rarly actually install the software and just use the battery as a battery. 99.9% issues I had with power failure were just a few seconds off, like lightning storms etc, and I never reached the time needed for the battery to shut down the software. and I consider it a must and don't have any proposal without battery backup included.
  20. sinbad

    EnNET Software Client for Windows Vista

    I would try playing with the vista security settings. which DVR is it? brand name or china crap?
  21. see if this might help.
  22. sinbad

    Remote View Host ????

    you don't need to assign any IP in Geovision software. you assign an IP address to the PC which runs the software and GV reads it. You'll have one IP for all cameras, the same IP address of the server PC.
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    check in the router to which IP the ports are forwarded and set that IP address in the DVR.
  24. sinbad

    Upgrade Path - GV900 to GVXXXX?

    Express is... but whats the GV900?
  25. sinbad

    Power failure auto reboot

    get a $60 battary backup? but the real answer is in your compuetr bios and has nothing to do with GV. you looking for something like "POWER OPTION" once you there you'll see the option.