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  1. If the covered area has some light, it may confuse the camera and prevent the IR from switching over to On.

    Login to camera and try to change to On instead of automatic. 

    I'm not sure about this specific camera but on some of them you can see the light sensor in the front (will look like remote red deemed IR) cover it with your finger and see if the IRs turn on after 10-15 seconds.

    you can see more details on the camera manual page 44



  2. Its an old post but just in case, Arlington makes something just for this. Part# FLC430. http://www.aifittings.com/catalog/communications/cam-box-kit-for-installations-of-a-security-camera/FLC430 it runs for $15-20 each drop. I buy them in cases and they work sweet and UL listed. all those hacks mentioned will fail permits with most AHJ if the inspector pop the ceiling tile. You could also accomplish same result by using Blue round box with ears and attaching it with 18AWG wire to building member. The explanation I got from one inspector is that in case of fire, fire dept. folks will need to move away the ceiling tiles and can't have the hazards of cameras hanging in their way. if the box is attached to building it won't fall on their heads.


    What I liked about the Arlington kit is that it will fit any size camera unlike off the shelf round box.

  3. My personal opinion is that you rather deter them than catch them. but thats just my thoughts.

    the hidden cameras you see inside smoke detector/ PIR / clocks are usually very low quality. it's basically small board camera with 420 TV lines so the image won't be great.


    what I mean by hacking a decent camera is to mount it on ceiling tile where you cut a small hole just for the lens or install it behind a picture or large object etc.


    If I were you I would get another professional, tell him what's your budget (nothing wrong there since you have low budget) and see what he recommends.

  4. not sure why you want it outside of shell, maybe give more details what you trying to do? to hide it maybe? if yes mount it with the ring so you get the flexibly of adjusting it inside pvc box. but the shell is really neat looking. I never had a client complains about it. its pretty small and sexy looking. you can also get it in Black. here in the US the black ones have "B" in the model. I know the SCC-B5368 but didn't like it because it looks like small spaceship and the removal of dome is not as easy as the scd2080. (you need to press a tiny clip to make the dome drop VS the scd2080 where you simply turn it counterclockwise. it also has a two pin connector VS scd2080 which has couple screws.)

    I don't like the digital zoom. it gives you 2/3 zoom in but its still digital zoom. I rather set the optic lens myself for the view I need to get. If you go through the user manual of the scd2080 you'll see all the features.

    it's defiantly best camera for the buck. we sold over 500 units till today and 0 issues. I have 2 of them installed in my living room too.

  5. For canyouseeme.org to work you must have a service running on the ports you forward. when you tried 8080,81 etc you should have changed the port in Geovision to match this ports, otherwise canyouseeme won't see the port open as there is no service running on that port.

    for iphone viewer you'll need to port forward also port 8866 and enable mobile viewing in Geovision network setting.

  6. 1. look at Digital watch Dog DVR for decent quality and cost.

    2. you'll want 15FPS for good motion. 30 is better but most times 15FPS will do.

    3. there is no 2 channels DVR you looking at 4 channels.

    4. hidden cameras usually suck at quality >480 TV lines, you better get decent camera and hack it to hide it. but I don't see why you'll need hidden camera in a building. better let people know there are cameras than hiding them.

    5. you said building? hire a professional