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  1. Hi. I have a four camera system using a generic h.264 dvr. It works reasonably well. I currently view the cameras in my office using CMS over my internal network. It's useful as I can easily change the video motion detection etc and with the DVR in the office I hear it's internal buzzer alerts. I'd like to keep that functionality. I have tried to set it up on my mobile so I can see the cameras when I am away off site. It seems incredibly complicated, with things like enabling DHCP etc. I tried that and only managed to stop the CMS working in the office. I didn't manage to get it working on my phone at all. Any input and suggestions invited. Is it possible to use the CMS application and also achieve viewing on the phone. Or are those objectives in conflict? Many thanks.
  2. End note; I'm in a few forums for all sorts of things from vehicles, computing and even laser engraving. Sometimes I ask for help but if it's my area of knowledge I'm happy to help others. On this occasion this forum came to my rescue. More specifically, tomcctv has been patient and sorted me out. I'm now getting exactly what I needed. It's good to explain something of the solution to help anyone finding this in a search. I'm now using an android app, Explorer, and it's working really well. Create an account and add the device by serial number. And I've still got access on my local network using CMS to facilitate full access to the dvr. Thanks everyone, and especially to Tom.
  3. Hoping I can get this resolved. I tried 'Enable DHCP' which I undestood to be important but all that did was stop my CMS application on my PC from seeing the dvr. If I were to say I am confused and mystified by it all I would not be lying!
  4. The system is about 5 years old and I don't think it has a QR code. There is a serial ID in the screen; info >version> . There is also some other info. I'll message it to you to see if it is any use.
  5. Hi guys. I really appreciate your input. However, I'm still pretty confused about how to actually set this up on my phone. I know it's a big ask but if you can help a bit further that would be really appreciated. Thanks Les
  6. Hi. Thanks for replying. I've attached screenshots. Hopefully includes what you want. I have tried a couple of android apps i.e. TinyCam. I can get a single camera to display when in the office because it's on my home network but of course doesn't see it if I am away. I have Googled, youtubed, tried all I can etc but failed completely! I need help!
  7. Hi Tom. Don't be mislead by the change in IP address. I changed it myself as a part of the diagnostic process. The .236 address is what I have used for years and the .10 is the default I reset it to. But I now have it back on .236 and it's been running for nearly 24 hours now without dropout. DHCP is not enabled. It is without doubt that I had a contact deterioration with one of the connectors within the DVR itself. Resolved by taking the connectors off and making numerous reconnects before putting it back together. Anyway, I am obviously interested in the security thing. I did have to change the IP address in the CMS to connect to the dvr. I assumed that meant that I was in fact only connecting within my local network. You clearly know way more about this than I so can you comment on that please. Given that I have deliberately changed the IP and had to search for and add the DVR in the CMS setup, does that mean I am indeed only on my local network? I don't like the idea of any connection to China so even if I am happily on my own network at home I would also like to see the CCTV on my phone from anywhere. Any suggestions on the best Android app and setup there is very welcome. I have used 'vMEyecloud' before but don't currently have that set up and that certainly sounds like a China link there. I guess there are better choices. Comments eagerly invited. Thanks, Les
  8. Hi. I have a Nightpro four channel H.264 dvr viewable over my home lan using CMS software on my Pc. I only use two channels and it works ok except that it freezes every couple of minutes for a minute or two and I can see "Disconnect network is error" in the log until it recovers. I have had the system running for the last couple of years and experienced that very occasionally and maybe for only a few seconds at a time. I could live with that. Clearly what I am experiencing now is unworkable. I think the DVR is working fine as there are no freezes on the local monitor. I have changed the IP address to see if that helps at all and I can't see that it made any difference. Any idea why that is happening. And while I'm at it, is the generic CMS software the only thing I can use? Is there something better available? Any help much appreciated. If I still had hair I'd be in fear of losing it.
  9. Hi. I'm pleased to say that hours later it is still running without disconnects. Clearly one of the connectors inside the DVR was the issue and removing and refitting them all a few times to clear the metal to metal contacts has worked. Yes, I'm using Xmeye on my two PCs . Exact version of CMS as per attached pic. I'd be very interested to know if there are any workable alternatives though!
  10. Thanks for your input guys. However, and I'm hoping I haven't spoken too soon but I think I cracked it! Not for the first time I have dragged the DVR out of the cupboard and taken it apart. First time was just to change the battery out for a new one as the date wasn't being held. This time I dragged it out and pulled all the internal connections to the board and hard drive. Worked the connectors on and off a few times before putting it all back together. So far I have only one entry on the log; 'Connect successful'. It's only been fifteen minutes but not a single disconnect!! Previously I'd have had about four or more by now. Time will tell but for now, fingers crossed. It's always possible of course that my misfortune and action to hopefully resolve this will benefit someone else some time. Thanks for being here for me guys, it's been emotional
  11. Hi. Thanks. I thought that might be the case so I have changed the IP address to various others but it makes no difference. This is so driving me mad! I had an old router configured as an access point in my garden office so I took the connections off that and fitted a new unmanaged switch on a new cat7 cable run back to the house where the main router is. I left the old router in the office on the old cat 6 cable back to the main router in the house so I get WiFi for my phone. Nothing else is connected to it now. That didn't help so today I have fitted a new router in the house. That hasn't helped either! The new router (Netgear AC1900 Nighthawk) has a facility to see attached devices. I can see all the IP addresses and there appears to be no obvious conflict. I don't know why this is now a problem. The original setup had been working well for over four years. I have the CCTV display in view as I speak and it freezes and drops out every few minutes. I see someone come to the door, it freezes and then when it reappears the person has gone! I know not where, presumably gone away but who knows lol. I'm grateful for any help on this!!
  12. Hi, I have a system comprised of 4 cameras connected to a h264 dvr. I currently use xmeye to view the output over the net. However, it's so unreliable!! Half the time refuses to log on and sometimes, like today, pressing the log on button after entering the correct user name and password does nothing. Rebooting everything hasn't helped. Anyway, I came across ISPY software and it looks more sophisticated. So far I have't been able to get it to display pictures from my cameras. Only an empty black box. Is it actually possible or is there an incompatability issue here? Any assistance gratefully recieved.
  13. The price of the remote app is well worth it. It blows away other mobile apps. Even at 54gbp its CHEAP. Make sure you uncheck the download protection option. You are also paying vat or whatever tax they are charging you to get all the "free" stuff the government provides. You will not get free remote access with ispy. If you want to pay them a monthly fee go ahead. Why are you afraid to leave a pc running? If you feel 54 gbp is a rippoff, then there is no point in this discussion. Go try to make your dvr work. Im still trying to understand how paying ispy monthly is going to be cheaper for you. You misunderstand me. The software itself isn't necessarily a rip off. However, $59 is currently about £40. Not £54.96 I'm not the only one that gets frustrated by the strange exchange rate applied. While I have your attention can I ask about the DVR? I want to retain it and use it as it's connected to the cameras and in that respect works ok. Looking at the trial of BI I can't see if it's possible to see the cameras in this arrangement. Is the DVR in the way? Or can BI see the outputs somehow. The dvr is on my network and connected to the internet. Sorry, but I really appreciate any help I can get.
  14. I thought I set it up ok. It's been running for months. I have used it on my phone ok too using vmeyecloud. Not sure what you mean about the QR code though.
  15. As an aside, I would agree that $59 dollars is not bad. However, if I click to buy it sees I'm in the uk and tries to bill for 54.96 GBP. That is not a fair exchange rate!! I don't think any of us like being ripped off.
  16. Hi Boogieman, Thanks again for feedback. It's not a cost thing. I am happy to pay for what I need. I'm just not sure my need is met. I fully understand that if the software is only on the PC then it has to be running. Trouble is I don't like to leave it running if I'm out of the office or country for long periods. However, maybe that's the only option. I'll have another look at Blue Iris. Do you know if it's a licence for one PC at a time? I mention that because I might want to swap between two machines on site. I have other software that allows multiple PC's providing only one is active at any one time.
  17. Thanks for the suggestions. I have looked at Blue Iris and it looks great but probably overkill for what I want (up to only 4 cameras). Oh, and it's not cheap either. I'll explain further in case other recommendations come up; I am currently using xmeye but it's unreliable. I haven't been able to get it working for days now. I have a system that has a h264 recorder on the shelf. It has 4 cameras attched and at the moment I view using a web connection. (that's the unreliable bit). I can of course go directly to the DVR and attached monitor to view but mostly I view over the web from my office located 50m away or use my Android phone if away. Another problem with Blue Iris if I uunderstand correctly is that I can view remotely etc ( if I pay) but the PC it is installed on and connected to the cameras has to be running. So, if I'm away for a week it has to be left on? I don't actually need to store anything in the cloud as I'm happy with the DVR copy. I just want to connect to the DVR and view from a pc or my Android. Any further suggestions?