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  1. Hi all My work had a system fitted a few years ago. Recently one of the cameras is showing 'No Video' on the display. The Hikvision DVR is working fine because 13 other cameras are all showing video OK. I have tried swapping the camera input (bayonet) cables to different ports at the back of the DVR and it is clear that the actual camera is faulty. There is power to the camera because when I cover the lens the ring of Infra-Red LEDs light up (and disappear when I move my hand). The camera is easily accessible and I want to swap it myself. All seems good up to here... So, I went on Google and typed in the model number (on the sticker at the rear of the cam) and there is literally no info on the cam. I typed it in the manufacturer's name and again I was stumped. Therefore, I would be grateful if (using the information provided below) somebody would suggest a camera that I can simply swap. The existing (faulty) cam is as follows: Manufacturer: Aveesa Model: AV1K-FXG Other Details: Vandalproof IR Dome Camera. Lens 3.6mm Board Lens. TVL: 1000TVL SONY CMOS. Power: DC12v/550 ma Connections: 1 Bayonet and one other push connector. The reason why I am asking you guys to suggest a camera for me is because I want to ensure that any replacement I buy has the same connectors, is IR and has at the very least equal picture quality and better if possible. Thanks for your help all.
  2. Hi everybody We are moving house next month and the house we are moving into requires extensive work such as walls removing, windows, doors, major electrics, plumbing etc. So, whilst all this is happening I want to sort out a new CCTV and house alarm system. There are a lot of things we require with the new CCTV setup so I thought I'd ask here first to see if you guys can point me in the right direction so that when I approach a CCTV installation company I can be quite firm in pressing home my preference without them telling me what I need. So, before I start I think I should tell you a little about the current setup at my house (where I live now) and what I like and don't like about it. At present we have a Hikvision box that is stored away in the loft. We have 3 cameras on the front of the house and 3 at the back. Please allow me to tell you about these cameras and our system and what the pro's and cons are. Then hopefully you guys can steer me in the right direction. High up on the eaves near the roof gutter (just above the 1st bedroom window) we have a camera on the left of the house and one on the right. These cameras are hard wired back to the Hikvision box. These two cameras point down on the drive at our cars. The quality of them is fantastic and what I do like about them is the 2 large Red Infra Red dots either side of the lens as a night time deterrent. There is no brand name on them and I don't know where they came from. I have posted an image of these cameras similar (ABUS) but the image is just to give you an idea of their design. I have also attached an image of a sample house with Red dots showing position of cameras at front of house. Then just above the front door (pointing at anybody who knocks on the door) is a small dome camera (mounted at head height) about the size of a fist. Again, I like the circle of Infra Red dots around the lens as a good deterrent. The quality again is excellent when a person is stood on the doorstep 4 feet away but there's no brand name on it. See image attached. Then if we go round the back of the house we have 2 dome cameras which are the same style to the front door dome cam but are a different brand to the front door cam and are pretty rubbish. Even though they are hard wired to the same Hikvision box the quality is shocking. Could this be because they are dome type cameras that are pointing at the back of the house 20 feet away? Therefore, I don't know how we came across these but they are not what I want in the future. Taking into account our current setup we like: We can view the cams and play them back on our iPhones via the Hikvision box. The Red Infra Red dots on the cams We don't like: Poor quality cameras at back of the house. So, what am I looking for? Well, for our new house I want (for the front) at least 2 infra Red cameras to mount on the eaves just where the first bedroom window is. I want these to point down at the cars on the drive. Obviously these will be about 20 - 30 feet up near the roof so I want to maintain image quality. I want a door bell type cam too. of course, this would be at face height. One similar to what is shown in the Ring advert. Preferably one where we can talk back through our phones to whoever is on the door step. At the rear I also want another 2 cams high up at first bedroom height to point down at the back conservatory. Then, taking into account that the back garden is about 30 feet long I propose to install some cable under the grass to the back of the garden and mount 2 cameras looking back at the house. I may even install a camera or 2 pointing on the shed and outhouse etc. So, taking into account what I have said here guys. The fact that I prefer a hard wired system. The fact that there will probably be more than 6 cams. The fact that I want high quality images all round. The fact that I'd like some sort of ring type door bell... Please can you tell me where I should start looking. I'm not being lazy and asking you guys to do the work for me. I just want pointing in the right direction so I can get a decent camera system, that is future proof, that I can watch on my iPhone etc. I'm a little confused about the pro's and cons of analogue, Digital and IP systems. Apologies for the essay but I thought I'd try and give as much detail as possible. Please can you spare your thoughts guys. PS... The images are not my house. They are sample images editted to show you guys where I would like my new cams positioned etc. Thanks in advance.
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    Help with building/designing a new system

    That’s great. Thank you mate.
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    Help with building/designing a new system

    Hi Will (hopefully) be moving to Worsley but my work takes me all over Manchester. I remember years ago going to a CCTV camera place in Cheetham Hill.
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    Help with building/designing a new system

    Thanks Tom A basic internet search for 4K camera systems come up surprisingly cheap which I am suspect of. I recently read an article stating that buying supposedly expensive CCTV gear is a gamble, especially off sites like EBay and Amazon. Apparently what it says on the cover is not what is under the shell of some cams?? Would you be able to suggest a good Hard Drive box which I can hide out of the way with as much iPhone interaction as possible. Also, what about the best 4K cameras? I presume SONY & Samsung have offerings? What are the 4K brands to avoid? thank you.
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    Help with building/designing a new system

    Should have said...I am in Manchester, UK and my budget is £2,000 - £3,000
  7. Hi all I am hoping someone can help me out here. However, I am not in the industry and not a CCTV engineer or professional. However, I am highly PC Competent and tech competent. The story goes as follows: I drink in a local working mens Club. Recently, somebody stole a memorial box for a deceased member and we would like to nail the culprit. However, as this is an old working mens club and nobody in the club quite knows how to operate the old CCTV system so I volunteered to 'have a go'! After 30 minutes messing around on the CCTV box we found what we were looking for although the thief was cunning enough to escape detection. Anyway, shortly after I somehow pressed one of the buttons on the front of the box and the monitor now only shows vertical coloured lines similar to a TV test signal. The box is working fine but no matter what I press I cannot get the pictures back to the monitor. I went nowhere near the rear of the box because the box won't even pull forward (as it is jammed in). Therefore, whatever I have done I have caused it by pressing one of the buttons on the front of the box. I am now a little embarrassed because we now have no cameras showing on the monitor. I half wish I wouldn't have volunteered now but it is what it is. Can anybody help me please? The box is about the size of a VCR. It is grey and it has a CD tray and eject button (Top Left). It has 16 individual buttons for cameras. These buttons are on the left. To the right of these is a small array of buttons including the menu, search buttons etc. To identify the box further the box is made by Siemens and the wording 'SISTORE' is printed on the box in the bottom left hand corner. I have downloaded the manual on my phone but there is no mention of the test signal or coloured lines in the trouble shooting. I am convinced this is just a matter of pressing a button or a series of buttons. Can anybody help please?