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  1. Camera neophyte here--with questions regarding a neighbor's camera. Am I permitted to ask & post photos regarding this on the forum?
  2. trishp

    Question re: Neighbor's Camera

    Tom; THANK YOU so much for this wealth of information. Knowledge is certainly power, and I will be contacting an attorney. And, please know I will pay your kindness forward.
  3. trishp

    Question re: Neighbor's Camera

    Ugh. Did not know it has audio ;( Thanks so much.... I am in CT.
  4. trishp

    Question re: Neighbor's Camera

    Thank you, Tom. This is probably an unusual inquiry I'm "green" with respect to security cameras & would like to know what kind of camera, if possible, my #*^! neighbor's son has placed on the garage near my fence, facing directly into my backyard. In case it's relevant, it has a flashing green light. lol. Also, wondering what kind of privacy laws, if any, might exist---OR what I can do about it. Already planning a 6 ft fence---but that's not tall enough & not much room for a large planting. Any info/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!