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  1. So what is the cost of a camera like the one you posted? I tried pm'ing you my address under google maps,but i can't send pm's yet.Do you have an e-mail address that i scan scan and send my drawing to?
  2. Thanks Scorpion for all your words of wisdom.I am an electrician so i have the concept of fishing wires and wiring,i just know nothing about cctv.What is a good facial recognition bullet camera that would fit into my budget?Four of the cams are for my front door,driveway,and both side entry gates.The other 3 are just coverage area cams that will each view an area of the backyard around 30-40'.
  3. blake

    New to home cctv

    Hello everybody..I am glad to be a part of this site,and look forward to gaining lots of knowledge.