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  1. MaxIcon,there are a few videos of the performance of the ESC 1IP vs the Dahua HFW2100 on youtube from someone on the cam-it website.The ESC-1ip seems to get the edge in a dual comparison.Here's the link http://www.cam-it.org/index.php?topic=3755.0
  2. Once a day my laptop will lose the wireless connection from the router as if my wireless router just quit.Even on my toolbar on the bottom right of my computer,my wireless network goes away.I reset it and all is well.I just replaced my Linkys router because it started doing the same thing.
  3. Firmware is the most recent.I also looked thru my settings and the ipv6 feature is disabled.Should i enable it?
  4. That does look like a sweet router.My concerns are that i just bought my netgear router and it works great!! I just have to reset it once a day and i would like to figure out why? It is a dual band 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz specifically designed for video,gaming and home theater.
  5. Today i realized i have a concern with my wireless router.Once a day i have to reset my Netgear wireless router.If i have to do this now,i would hate to have to do it once i setup my ip surveillance system.The only things connecting thru my wireless router are my laptop and Direct TV box.The router is the Netgear WNDR37AV
  6. Thanks GMaster. The Dahua HFW2100 come poe ready and i'm going to just add a switch and be done with it.Less pieces to fail.I like the one hub idea.The two cameras i like are the Dahua HFW2100 and the Empire Security Cameras ESC-1 IP which looks to me like the Samsung SNO-5080R. Price for both is just about the same.The ESC-1 IP/Samsung 5080R has the advantage of a 2.8-12mm varifocal lense where the HFW2100 has a standard 3.6mm lense.
  7. I'm only using the poe switch for my ip cams.
  8. Do i need a Gigabit switch as my router is Gigabit?
  9. I found the Trendnet TPE-S44 on New Egg for 55.00, and the ZyXel ES1100-8P for 67.00. The ZyXel seems to be the better of the two..
  10. Alright thanks Dexter! I'll look for a switch that's IEE802.3af compliant.
  11. I'm not seeing them here in the U.S market..
  12. Rethinking my layout, i've decided to go with the Dahua IPC-HFW2100. I can get them from a reliable retailer with great after sell support and warranty.They fit my bill and features that i need.Now i need to find a reliable poe switch.Any recommendations for a reliable 8-port (4 poe) unmanaged poe switch? I plan on leaving the switch up in the vented attic and just run one cat5e run down to my router.
  13. Any of you Dahua retailers have any info/pricing on their new residential line dvrs' ? The models are DVR5104/5108/5116/2116.
  14. So how much did he cam cost you?
  15. Buy from a good retailer. You mentioned a dahua nvr- is that not the same issue? Yeah i guess you're right. I planned on getting everything from Empire Security Cameras..
  16. I really like the design of the Dahua camera, but the after support is what bothers me.
  17. So i can either disable ir or try to fine similar priced outdoor dome cameras with no ir.
  18. At each camera location i have exterior lighting.Front door cam has a light fixture on the opposite side of the front door,driveway cam has two garage door fixtures( one on each side of garage door),side cam has light fixture over side door and backyard camera has light fixture on opposite side of back door that light up most of backyard.So i don't need ir at all really.
  19. I like the looks of their outdoor dome series! 0.5-1.3MP Value-Driven, Compact Low-Light IP66 Rated Domes with H.264 and Auto Focus - Sarix IM Series Environmental Mini Domes They are coing out with all around equipment for the value based customers!! I wonder what their pricing is gonna look like..
  20. Thanks Shockwave. My only problem with their bullets is that they're huge. I like the domes because i'll be mounting them under the eave.What i'm gonna do is order one ans see how it performes before i order more. I also looked at the Dahua HDW2100, but i've read bad reviews about their customer service and support..
  21. Alright cool.I was gonna go analog,but for the price of these cameras and the NVR i couldn't resist going ip!
  22. Should i only use a piece of pressure treated lumber to screw camera to,or do any of you guys use an L-bracket inside the soffit?
  23. I'm looking at two different cameras to install.I will be using a total of eight.One is the Nuvico CB-HD21N-L and the other is the Vitek VTC-IRV30.Both look very similar and have almost the same specs,except the Nuvico has 36 led's and the Vitek has 30.I'm trying to see which manufacturers camera is built better..
  24. Came across this QVIS camera http://www.qvissecurity.com/Catalogue/Cameras/Eyeball-Domes/Professional-Range/600TVL-20-30M-IR-4-9mm-Lens-With-OSD-EYE-2407GR-N It looks like it has a lot of features,but i don't see anything about an IR cut filter..
  25. blake

    Help with motion Detection settings

    Install PIR sensors on the outside connected to your dvr.These are worlds better for motion detection recording than using the dvr/camera motion settings..