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    Thunderstorm and Lightning

    Sounds like those two channels are just shot.I dunno if there is anything short of buying another dvr and a better surge protector.What type of surge protector are you using? Post a photo of it.
  2. blake

    Thunderstorm and Lightning

    So have you switched the 2 cameras on those two channels to known good channels to make sure those two cameras aren't bad?
  3. blake

    Staying in B/W mode

    I'm thinking camera view switching just cannot be as reliable as a photocell circuit.
  4. blake

    Pelco DVR

    Or Dahua? Great standalone dvr with all the bellz and whistles or possible hybrid for future expansion Aver 1004H,8H or 16H?
  5. blake

    HDMI (format not supported)????????

    HAha , No. The camera is. WHEW!!!! Got scurred for a moment there!
  6. blake

    New member!!!

    Welcome! What part of NJ?
  7. Sometimes for the life of me don't understand why people spend their hard earned money to deal with an HOA to tell you what you can and can't do on your own property for the welfare of you and your family!
  8. blake

    Anyone use this q-see camera....

    So what is the true purpose of these extra features? How much do they really help? Or are they just to artificially improve the budget cams to make them more marketable?
  9. Here ya go http://www.hifisoundconnection.com/Shop/Control/fp/tcat/39795/SFV/30046
  10. blake

    Lens calculator

    Anytime brotha!!
  11. blake

    Anyone use this q-see camera....

    I see cameras now that offer WDR,3DNR and Sense-up but don't mention ICR.Are these three features a spin off of the original IR Cut filter feature?
  12. blake

    Lens calculator

    PM sent Shockwave..
  13. If you can i would videotape yourself bench testing the camera.Have a surge protector powering your power box,come out the power box straight to the camera.If you feel safer doing it that way.You can post the video that way we can see everything before you hit the power switch.
  14. blake

    Anyone use this q-see camera....

    One thing i noticed about the Gadspot 700 line is yes they all have the new Effio chip,but none of the cameras have ICR, but they do have WDR.Did they think it's not needed with the new chip?
  15. So if the residential site your installing cameras on has very little to no light until their motion lights come on,do you professionals still go with no ir cameras since you are the subject matter experts or do you install cameras with ir just to (a) be on the safe side and or (b) to make them happy if they claim they "must have" ir?
  16. They may be using the wrong bulbs for the position as well. Standard thread-base PAR bulbs come in a wide variety of coverage patterns, from very wide floods, to very tight spots. Thanks Soundy i'm making a mental note of that.So in this case would halogen flood fixtures be a better fit than par flood fixtures?
  17. I see what you mean Rory.I've noticed in residential settings,homeowners typically aim the motion lights a little low.So Dan's issue can be resolved by aiming his lights a little higher and or further left or right to spread the light pattern a little better.
  18. Thanks for the comparison Dan!! Really appreciate the help..
  19. Hey Tom what is the viewing size difference from a ip cam to analog?I thought lets say a 2.8mm lense is just that no matter what the camera?
  20. I know nothing about Hybrid dvr's so i'm trying to understand and need help.I'm looking at going 8 channel hybrid so that i have a mix of analog and ip cameras.From what i know,the analog cameras hook right into the back of the dvr as usual,but the ip cameras have to go camera >poe switch > router.So what is the purpose of the hybrid dvr if the ip cameras never connect to it?
  21. Yeah, ya know for 155.00 bucks i can get a 1tb hard drive so screw it i'll just do that.Hey so should i upgrade my wireless router also?
  22. Ahhh gotcha.Seems a lot easier now that i have a clear picture.For 7 cameras i was thinking of a 500gb hard drive with the system set on motion recording..