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  1. Do I enable it both in the camera and nvr to get it to work? I have a Dahua 22204TNI and a N42B2P2 nvr.
  2. I've just started experimenting with Optex sensors using nvr inputs.
  3. I don't, but i would love to see footage of how this cam performs day and night. I'm currently using an AvTech 813, but i'm looking to try something different
  4. I'm looking for a good standalone nvr to go with that's cheaper than the ACTI ENR-1000
  5. I've been trying to figure something to do with the old Dell Dimension 2500 i have in the closet. Otherwise i'll grab a desktop off of craigslist.
  6. Read thru the specs and i noticed that the Avermedia only runs at a max of 2mp. Is it sort of a waste with all 3mp cameras, to only have an nvr that only goes up to 2mp? Is there an affordable nvr that can record at 3mp resolution?
  7. I looked at the manual. So from what i can tell, i would get an 8 port switch. Four poe ports and four non poe ports. I would plug all the cameras plus the nvr into the switch. Then i would come out of the switch into my router which would tie it all into my network.
  8. how do you connect the ip cams to it as it looks like it only supports analog connections?
  9. Trying to decide on a home NAS .I've read reviews till my eyes went crooked. The WD My Book Live and the Seagate FreeAgent seem to be the top two, but most reviews are saying don't buy.Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  10. Need a camera that has ir, atleast 1.3mp and micro sd card slot. I already have an Avtech camera in this spot, but it uses white led light that triggers once activated. I would like to try a a similar camera but with ir so that the camera can be viewed in complete darkness. Avtech doesn't have any micro sd card cameras that use ir.
  11. Thanks Buell!! You're the man.. Now to see if i can find actual footage of this camera in use.
  12. I have to agree with the led light. My AVN813 is my first experience with white led light since the led is built in.I have it set to come on with pir motion on a time schedule.The one led lights up my whole garage when viewing thru the camera.The only downside since i didn't want a light on all the time in my garage is that it's pitch dark until the led comes on, the garage door opener light kicks on or i turn on the garage light manually.It does fit the bill.My next camera i'll be testing is the AVTech AVM521A which is a dome that uses one single white led light instead of ir http://www.avtech.com.tw/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=242
  13. Ah okay it works well on the AVN813..Maybe they will come out with an ir version.
  14. Reason i ask is recently i've setup to become an Avtech dealer. I'm testing out the white light cameras instead of standard ir. Main reason i like it is i can set it to trigger with pir,motion or manually thru AVtech app.
  15. When i installed my AVtech even though i already had VLC, i was prompted to download it again because i was missing a plugin.
  16. Man WTF is wrong with people. I hope they catch his @$$ and put the same beating on him!!!
  17. I also looked at the AVN805 to install in the ceiling since it's really low profile and has ir, but it's not poe.
  18. I have the AVtech avn813 which doesnt have ir but it has a white led. Your options are to atleast have a night light of some sort on at night, or what i did was set the white led to come on with motion and pir after a certain time at night and disable in the morning.
  19. You should be fine. Just expect the usual bugs due to the ir.
  20. I set it on a motion/pir schedule so that it only comes on if motion/pir movement is detected between a certain time frame. It is bright as a mofo.It lights up the whole room as if it where daytime.
  21. blake

    Swann HDR8-8200 Bad Picture at Night

    Video looks good besides the trailing effect with the guy walking the dog. What's your frame rate set at?
  22. That review sealed the deal for me!! I want to try this side of recording events to better understand the technology to offer customers another avenue.
  23. I think i'm going to go with the Synology DS112 with a WD Red HD.
  24. I want my ip cams to record to a nas and not a standalone nvr.