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  1. I've obtained a used sensormatic 9 channel multiplexer I'd like to use for a loaner w/ a vcr however when I plug in my 12V 1500ma power plug all I get is an alarm sound from the unit and no lights on the front pannel, does anyone have any experience with this unit? I'm thinking it was in alarm when it was powered down years ago and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a default key sequence to unlock it or if I have a DOA on my hands. Thanks
  2. I've seen a lot of dvr cards for sale on ebay, is it benifitial to build your own pc based dvr or is it too much of a hastle? Has anyone attempted this and if so what are usually the steps?
  3. I have a situation that requires an outdoor camera with an rf reciever that has the range of aprox 1000 ft and that line of sight is not an issue. The ubstructions are a few trees and a couple of wood walls of a house to view the camera. I can find the camera with 84 leds but the reciever is the issue, also power is provided at the camera location. Is there anything that can be used to send the signal in this situation?
  4. I have a 4 channel dvr on site and would like to hook it up for the customer to view full screen images of each camera on all of his tvs. I am told that the device I need is an "ABD Switch." To my understanding I need to connect a t-splitter at the dvr for each camera and run a cable for each camera to the main point of entry for the cable to the house. Then I hook up a ABD switch and that allows each channel to be viewed from any tv in the house on the selected channels (i.e. channel 70-74)? Is this right? and do I need a seperate abd switch for each camera? And Where can I get this switch? Also, I was told that I needed to run a cable per camera from the dvr to the main point of entry for the cable and then hook up the switch. Wouldn't it work just as well if I ran one wire to the main point from the dvr and cut in to the incoming line, then do all of my connections at the dvr like it was the main point. that way if I upgraged to more cameraas I wouldn't have to run more coax? Any suggestions would help, Thanks
  5. I have an existing client who we installed a 4 channel dvr with an 80 gb hard drive in his home, I just recently found out that they have had to unplug the dvr because it is "too loud." I believe what he is hearing is the fan cooling the hard drive which it needs to do if it's allways recording. Has anyone had a problem with this? I did once before with the same dvr in a home and I moved it to a closet 2 feet away, I don't have that luxuary here, this was a prewire and it is close to impossible to relocate the dvr. Any suggestions would help. Also we hooked up as a second monitor with a simple prefab siamese bnc to his tv in his house, he would now like to be able to control the dvr from that location as well, how is this done, if possible. (other than re running all four cameras to the house tv). Thanks
  6. I haven't had this problem in my commercial applications, but I notice it in residences, and it makes sense normaly it isn't that big of a deal, but if the rest of your house is entirly quiet and one item keeps humming it can start to bug you. I thought about a lock box but reilized that would have a fan as well to keep it from getting too hot. Not sure how to solve this. any idea on accessing from the other tv (this dvr if I remember correctly was manufactured by serious cctv/ aventar tech)
  7. I have heard Cat 5 mentioned for use with cameras and I assumed it was in reference to Cat5 specific cameras, however, I saw a system today that apeared to have standard cameras with BNC connections however, all of the cables looked like Cat 5. Is there a way to use cat 5 cables in place of Coax. I assume this would serve the purpose of both a video feed and a power connection provided there were enouph pairs. If this is possible how do you connect cat 5 to a bnc adaptor and what is the cost difference involved, i.e is the cost for cat 5 and adaptors so excessive it outways the conventional method. I know the hassle factor would be great... Running wire from a box is a lot easier than a wooded spool. Any help you can provide would be great. Thanks
  8. Another question on coax spools, I'm getting tired of using the old fasioned way of a peice of conduit some tape and a four foot ladder, are there any tripod/ triangle stands out there that if I had a large enough system with cameras everywhere, I would unravel all spools and climb into the attic once? Thanks
  9. I'm having some difficulty adding an external 15 watt 12v siren to a customer's 4 channel DVR, do I need a siren driver or power supply, I tried just wiring the +/- directly to the DVR and that didn't work, I know it can be done, but I think the ports in the rear of the unit are only triggers and don't supply any voltage, so if someone could recomend the best way to get this done, I'd appreciate it. Here's a simalar layout: http://royalsystems.com/content/big_image_pop.asp?vImg=pr_dvr_standalone_1.jpg
  10. LSA

    Connecting siren to DVR

    is there a chance that a bell driver would work?