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how get the recorded video in my CCTV AVC776

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Good day to All,


I have a CCTV model AVC776W. My question is how can I get all the recorded video in the AVC776. I want to save it in my harddisk.


My AVC776W is connected in my desktop computer I can retrieve the recorded video by date but I want to put it in my desktop computer.


I try to record the video from my AVC776W. Let say If I want to record 1 hour video it took also 1 hour the get it from my harddisk. I want to access the harddrive of my AVC776W. Is there any thirdparty software for this.


Thank You.


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lets say i have put 250Gb in the dvr 776 and i want to save all the recorded data to my computer with 80Gb... can i ?


so i think you do not need to back up data regulerly (its wasting time and bored), back up only the important time... or if something happen only....


but one thing in my mind, the dvr 776 have harddisk slot removal with key right? maybe in computer store have the same slot removal that mach with it, so you can save the data inside the harddisk in the removal slot of dvr to the computer using the removal slot that you have buy.

( i hope you understand what i mean ... )

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