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Need manual for Burle TC6410A-1 P/T head.

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I just bought a Burle TC6410A-1 Pan/Tilt head on ebay really cheap, but it doesn't come with an owners/installation manual. I searched for Burle on the web, but apparently they don't exist anymore. It looks like Bosch bought them out. I sent an email to the tech service dept at Bosch, asking for help with this, but I never got a response.


I managed to find some manuals for the Bosch brand heads and they do look exactly the same as the Burle heads, but the part numbers don't match up. I downloaded the manal for the LTC9418/LTC9420 and LTC9440/9441 series heads. Unfortunately, I don't know which one, if any will cross reference to the Burle unit.


Does anybody have any idea where I can get an actual Burle manual for this unit. Or, at least tell me which Bosch unit is equivilant? I would be willing to purchase it, but a download would be awesome.


Any leads on this would be greatly appreciated. Just point me in the right direction, if nothing else. Thanks.

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Ok, I finally got ahold of a tech at Bosch. He said that the Burle unit I have is the same as their LTC9420, with some very minor differences. The wiring is the same. I'm good to go now.

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