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Geovision GV-1000 worth purchasing?

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I am thinking of buying a second hand geovision gv-1000 card as an upgrade from an Avermedia NV3000, but have noticed this card has been discontinued. Does this card run with the latest version of Geovision software, if not, how dated is the most recent compatible software version, and how would it compare to the features/usability of the most recent Avermedia NV3000 DVR app that I am currently using in terms of smart recording features etc ? not so bothered about network features, IP camera support or anything like that, just need higher frame rate/ better quality recordings than i am getting from the Avermedia


cheers for any comments

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Dear Davhayr,


Yes, GV1000 is discontinued...

The latest GeoVision software you can used in GV1000 is version 7.05 with an USB dongle key...If you don't have an USB dongle key, then the latest version you can have in GV1000 is version 6.05.


If you are looking for higher recording quality and smart recording feature, please consider GV1480 card. It is three in one combo card , 16 video/16 audio, real time display and TV OUT display...Recording rate at 480fps in total with CIF resolution...You can go for higher recording resolution such as 720*480; however, the total recording FPS will drop.


Thank you..





Andy Chen

Technical Support

GeoVision. Inc.

+886-2-8797-8377 extension 287

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