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SA7208H:Critical Capture Device Fail!!

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Has anyone experienced the following error with the SA7208H PC based DVR?


Critical Capture Device Fail!!

This is listed in the event log. It can happen many times over a period of time and the DVR typically reboots. But at some point the unit locks up during reboot. A few months can go by unbeknownst to the customer.


The DVR was sent back for repair once for this problem. They said it was replaced with a new unit. While the SA7208H was being repaired it was replaced with a SA6416 loaner it worked flawlessly over several weeks and unit didn't miss a beat. So it's not any environmental issue such as temp/humidity or line voltage. The environment is cool (68f)and dry. I have several SA6416 DVRs in the field with no problems. The second replacement SA7208H developed the same problem again. Now Avermedia says nothing is wrong with the DVR, despite having the evidence of problem recorded in the event logs and large blocks of missing video from the HDs.


Any input appreciated. Not to sure about PC based DVRs anymore...



This is part of an email to Avermedia during the second round:




SA7208H under test to observe field failaure:

1. Unit has rebooted numerous times due to "Critical Capture Device Fail!!" as indicated in the event log.


2. Unit typically reboots, but will eventually hang or get stuck during the reboot cycle.


Note: This state can happen without the customers knowledge and days/weeks/months can transpire without recording etc....



I was finally able to recreate the failure in the shop where the DVR locked up in a blue screen if I recall and then a second RMA was issued.

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