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looking for IP IR POE "cannon"...

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it should have a port for external alarm device as well. and it must be long-range

any ides which one to buy?


i was going for this one:

acti.c o m/Catalogv5/Product_Information.asp?PART_NO=ACM-1431/ACM-1432

but then i looked at the manual and didn't see a port for an external light.


then there's this one:

a1securitycameras.c o m/Samsung-360-SNC-550N.html

but i think that's hard to get ? it has alarm port though.


and FFS! i'm so pissed off on the sh1tty companies that can't show any real footage of the cameras in action. WHY do they sell pictures of the cameras itself when the camera's purpose is video surveillance???? i'm not looking for cctv cameras for decoration purposes ffs.. aaaahhhh.....


PS: here's somekind of site:

ww.aimetis.c o m/symphony/video_hardware.aspx

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should i buy those instead of the actual projected halogen lamp then?


visible light is way easier to work with, unless you have a requirement for IR. IR you have to deal with focal shift and different lighting compensation.


In my experience, IR is a difficult thing to get right. You need to spend money to get the proper lens, lighting, and camera to make it effective.

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