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Where to find 1/2'' & 3/4'' thread sealtight glands???

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Hey Gang,


This question goes out to all the diehard security installers and integrators: DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND WATER TIGHT GLANDS SIMILAR TO WHAT YOU'D FIND INCLUDED WITH A PELCO EH3512 OR EVERFOCUS EHD650? I recently mounted two (2) Nuvico CI-Z30N Integrated Zoom cameras on two trees and have yet to seal the entrance (top) and exit (bottom) holes of each 3/4'' metal junction box. I have searched Home Depot, Lowes, and even the internet trying to track down a 3/4'' THREAD COMPRESSION GLAND to weatherproof these openings. Clear silicone works great but I just know such gaskets exist and are availble for purchase. It doesn't matter to me if they are metal or plastic, but I do need it to tighten up like...well, you know what I mean. Just to summarize, I'm searching for a 3/4'' thread-->tapered compression gland/sphincter:) Thanks in advance.


Ps-These cameras of the shizzznit.



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When you run conduit into any enclosure, and want to make it as " water tight" as possible, use Myers Hubs (threaded) . They have an O-ring seal. I use them often, even in "wash down" areas where I work, as people spray High Pressure water directly on the enclosure. The 1/2" size fits perfectly on the Pelco EH3512 series. For incoming cable, ( SO,SJ.etc) use Cable Grip Bushings, if not in conduit. You probably need to find a local Electrical Parts supplier to find them. Never seen them at a Home Depot. Look for a Grainger, Graybar, etc. (Industrial Electrical Parts suppliers) I am sure I could find them even on Ebay.

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