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GeoVision and Microsoft Server 2003 Blue Screen of Death

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Hello everyone:


As my first post, I would like to describe a problem I am having.


We've built 3 pretty impressive servers for a client, with hotswappable drives and power supplies, etc, and - at the client's request - made the OS Windows Server 2003, and GeoVision's 2008 video capture card. To accomodate the audio, we're adding a Siig sound card which plays happily (allegedly) with Server2003 (if anyone has any advice on use of a sound card with Win2003, I'd also be interested).


The problem is that we're getting the Blue Screen of Death virtually every time we attempt to click the GeoVision icon (we've taken GeoVision out of the startup menu, as the system was crashing immediately). Each of the three servers has done this intermittently, though there appears to be no rhyme or reason - we've attempted installing in various orders the drivers, then the card; leaving it off the startup menu, and back on...etc.


Each server has at one time or another allowed GeoVision to run - and that's great - but they don't reliably allow GeoVision to boot up upon request. The Blue Screen of Death (BSD) isn't very helpful: the message merely reads "Hardware failure, please consult your hardware provider".


Any ideas? Has anyone attempted to run the 2008 cards on a full blown server before? Is there an I/O conflict? ICQ? Haaalllppp!



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One more thing that I question may have a role: this is not an Intel Pentium IV based system, but rather a Xeon processor.


Is there an impact in that regard? Any speculative input is welcome...

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In further discussions with GeoVision, it has come to our attention that GeoVision has never tested their card on a server grade machine. So: the fact that GeoVision advertises that their cards are compatible with Windows Server 2003, that isn't enough.


All three servers we have are up and running. It appears as though this is a startup/driver conflict, and we haven't found exactly what yet. Once a server is up, though - it's up, so I'm hoping there are no further issues.


If anyone has anything to add, I'd be interested in hearing their perspective....

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Been there, done that. We run 2 setups, both dells. Dell Precision 380 work stations, with 650 cards and a dell Poweredge 1u, all are windows 2003 server and each blue screen crash is related to geovision.sys on the 380's, we havent had a crash on the poweredge.


The frequency is alot less now about 1x week as we are running version with drivers but its still there (used to be 4-5x a week)


too bad geovisions software cant log in as a service instead of as an app...

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we are running/testing GV on win 2003 for 2 years now (8.2, 8.3 and 8.31).

Runs fine. But on HP proliant servers.


Only issue is support for good graphics card ...... win2003 does not support good cards (not needed in a server) and slots are PCI-X (not PCI-E). So only PCI cards run if you have the driver.


This means you need a lot of extra CPU from the main processors to run ....


Xeon does not affect GC at all.

Memory: you can add more, but it's also faster !


We tested it for building NVR systems: faster and more CPU's, much faster I/O, redudancy, use of fibre, etc .....


If we can solve the graphics card issue it would be a great plaform.


Don't know if you know a lot about win2003 (it's a lot different then XP !!!) but you can run applications in XP compatibility mode.


Also don't know the Dell hardware, maybe these chipsets are not compatible with GV.

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