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HELP Need adivce for new unit as my DM ECO4 is dead!

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Saw my DM ECO4, saying "Disk problem maybe wrong. FAT version. suggest using monitor to reformat disk"



Question now is can I go and buy a unit from some retail store like BrandsMart, Home Depot, Best Buy... and bring home and plug in my camera wires and plug power into wall and it will all work?


Is there any issues with this plug and play setup?


I can not afford for this unit to be down for any time and don't want to send back to the factory waste a month and then pay a lot of $ to fix this model. Rather upgrade.


Please advise.


Which model to buy? 4 cameras.


I guess it needs time stamp so its admissible in court?





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I would recommend just buying a new system. I had some issues with an old Lorex system that I had so I purchased a simple 4 camera DVR system from them recently. It was relatively inexpensive and it had significantly more features than my 5 year old Lorex system. The DVR's work wonders so I have been very pleased. Just a small office here but we can monitor everything with the cameras and I have so far *fingers crossed* been perfect with the DVR.

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