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help with a camera

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Hi Group,

I am looking for some help with a problem I am having, I have the need to have a camera pointed at the bottom of a driveway the only problem is that it about 180 to 200 feet away, and I need to cover the width of around 20 ft, I want to catch the license plate numbers as vehicles that drive in an out of this driveway. I have tried a camera from Speco Technologies model HT-7915DNV and I just can not get the plates to come in clear, I can almost guess what the numbers are but that at best is only 50% accurate. This camera also has to site about 20ft off the ground and the driveway is on a downward slop towards the camera, the lens on this camera is a 5-50mm DC auto Iris varifocal lens. It is close but just not quite there. The high time for surveillance is at night.

So any suggestions or help I would surely greatful

Thanks again.


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