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LJD Deltawave CCTV Record To Video/DVD

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Hi, sorry to ask this but...


Is there a way to get CCTV footage from a LJD Detawave CCTV DVR to a DVD or Video. I need to get this footage off the box, as I need a hard copy.


How and is it possible to connect a video or a dvd recorder to the box and if there is how will I do it!


Any Ideas?



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There sure is. I do it all the time. You will need a Hardware Encoder such as Hauppauge or Plextor. I guess you could use a Software Encoder also, I just never have. You can take the output cable, directly from the DVR, into the Hardware Encoder. This will be in "real time". Play the scene from the DVR you are needing to copy. There is a little bit of a "setup" time on the Encoder, but mine has paid for itself many times over. Hauppauge has a USB model , that is compatible with Windows Vista. My Plextor goes with me all the time. I have the Plextor model TV 402U. The one in my office, is also my TV program recorder. Let me know if you need anymore help.

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