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Video Loss GV1480DVI vs. GV1480 PCI?

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I have two identical DVR units built, same exact specs and all using windows XP SP3. However one computer has a GV1480DVI Card and the Other GV1480 PCI card. First of all besides how the cards connect are there any other physical differences? The reason I ask is...I am constantly having video loss (all 16 channels) with the DVI card or the computer would freeze up. The video loss would happen maybe after a few hours of it being on. I took the same exact camera load from the DVI card to the PCI card DVR and I don't have any problems. My tech support ran Windows tests to make sure the operating system was working properly and it was fine. Hard drives, memory, etc all checked ok. Any other thoughts? Oh I am using v8.2 waiting for 8.3 download

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