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Arecont 3110 and 8.3, very low fps ...

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Need some help.


NVR 8.3 system (on win 2003).

Connected the Arecont (1920x1200).

On the NVR I maybe get 1 fps.

If I logon to the Arecont (from the same machine) I get the 21 FPS......


To make sure I connected on the same network connection a GV-IP cam,: PERFECT


Or I am missing something in the setup.


- If i logon to the Arecont with the application manager I can change settings and save to flash.

- If I then logon to the arecont via explorer it sets the setting back.

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version 8.31 did solve some of it. I now have a higher frame rate. At lower resolution it's ok. But still freezes sometimes.

The arecont is an Auto-iris version. Apperntly the non auto iris works (but would test first) !

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