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Video capture card combining surveillance and streaming

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My interest in CCTV right now is in monitoring purple martins. I am using an AverMedia NV3000 with a nest camera in a gourd plus two cameras monitoring the exterior of the gourd. I have been so impressed at the sophistication of this inexpensive system compared to the complex and expensive systems I used years ago in my previous life. The system can trigger permanent video records based on motion in selected parts of any of the cameras as well as sound. I have it set to trigger on motion as the parents land on the gourd or based on motion from potential predators at the base of the pole. Attached is a sample snapshot from the system as one of the parents lands at the entrance to feed the babies.


I am also streaming two of the cameras to the Internet. The person doing the rebroadcasting was not able to use the AverMedia format. Instead, he needed the format produced by Windows Media Encoder. So I also have two Diamond One-touch USB capture cards to stream the 148 kbs feeds.


Finally, here is my question: Does anyone know of an inexpensive capture card that can do approximately what the AverMedia card does plus provide the separate video streams in a WME-compatible format? The card would need to produce low kbs feed because of my limited upload bandwidth.





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