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AverMedia NV8416 E4 card

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Has anyone tried the new NV8416 E4 PCI-E 4x card? How is it compared to a NV6480? I am unable to locate a dealer in the USA & pricing?

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Yes, I have sold few of the system either with one NV8416 E4 and with two NV8416 installed in single system. I love it... they work great and you can get real time 30fps, full D1 with MPEG4 on all the channels. With NV6480 max you could get in real time 30fps mode is 640x480 which is still not bad and much better then many DVRs but Full D1 is always better as I do a lot of high-end installs... FYI: I use i7 processor with Windows 7 and it's been running smooth...

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