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DVR and VoIP

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Some of it is splitting hairs, the Mobotix IS the only one I know of either that does use VOIP-specific SIP protocol with QOS for audio... But yes, many other DVR's are capable of 2-way audio, and if you've properly set up the routing, and you have a decent bandwidth WAN connection (for example, the DVR I typically use needs UDP port forwarding for audio, where video is over TCP), there's no reason why it will not work either.


The Mobotix IS nice in that the microphone and speaker are in it already, as well as a number of nice features (wave a magnet across the right spot and it speaks out your current network conditions, and a number of other nice features as well)


Thank you Hardwired " title="Applause" />

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Thanks again, all this info is great, although you lost me at sip servers, lol.


I'm getting idea that the CCTV biz is a very unstable industry in business terms and there are lots of companies coming and going. So I should use resources that would not require me to relie on someone or something because it may not be there after a while, although there are some names that seem to pop up again and again (mobotix).


So if I got a dvr that allowed remote access, how could I get one way audio to the remote location, if required? I am not too bothered about receiving audio but would be nice.


Another question to throw in, how could I cheaply receive an alert ( in the form on an email or text ) when there is motion detected in the cameras and I don't mind using other available technologies ?


Sorry to be a pain.


Can I say how great this forum is and how much I have picked up from the posts is fantastic ( about the CCTV industry )


thanks again, look forward to your replies.





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Hi Moody,


It's a good idea to align yourself with a manufacturer that is well known, especially if you need to lean on others for support.


I'm going to answer your questions with my Mobotix hat on, only because I know the product well. Depending on the model, you could:


  • include audio in all recorded video, all on camera (or externally, if required)
  • play a pre-recorded audio file when video motion is detected [you can upload your own or choose from a few pre-recorded sound files]
  • setup video motion boxes to trigger recordings
  • have a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) sensor trigger recordings
  • trigger recordings when loud noises are detected by the camera
  • receive an email with one, many or no pictures of the event that triggered the alarm
  • receive a text message if your provider allows for email to text messages
  • listen to live audio using Internet Explorer or Mobotix's free software


If you had a VoIP provider (SIP compliant), an online service that can go as low as $10/month, you could have your camera call any telephone number when an event (video motion, loud noise, PIR movement) occurs. You could also call your camera from any phone and have 2 way audio. All in "intercom" mode which is simplex, not duplex [only one person can talk at the same time].


The beauty is, it can be done with only one camera. A network with decent bandwidth is needed for reliable VoIP, as well as remote viewing.

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