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Can wavereader be accessed thru cell phones for audio/video

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Well the heading is my question...just wondering if any of the new smart phones can do this....? This would be a accessing remotely a GE dvr like storesafe that transmits thru the standard method of a modem/router on site dsl.

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HELLO RORY......only you could answer this question.....well your the man regarding GE wavereader anyway. I thank you in advance for your proffessional courtesy, again.

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Hi, I know nothing about cell phones though, I dont use one myself anymore.

But there was enough issues trying to get certain models to work properly just within a web browser in Windows, I doubt you will be able to access it from a cell, unless:


1-they now have special cell phone software for it.

2-you create your own software.


re; 2:

I imagine you can only view still images on the cell right?

Forget Wavereader, that is a Windows app. If you had Mac or Linux then yeah you could use Wine and maybe it will work but ... one way around it is this, run the activeX on a server which saves a snapshot of the video every x amount of seconds. That server needs to be an actual web server though so you can connect to it, if you have XP Pro installed then you can set it up as an IIS server, for example, or there are other free webservers available on the web. You simply share the folder where the images are, name them 1.jpg for camera 1, etc. then access them that way. You could even write a script that is the webpage, eg. cams.asp and that could grab the images from any folder on the servers PC depending on the querystring you send it. To refresh the images you could also just add a meta refresh into the page's header for basic refresh or try some of the axis javascript refresh samples out there on the web.

Just examples ...

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