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Video glitches in Avermedia NV3000

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I have noticed irregular video glitches on all three of my cameras. The glitch shown is on Camera1, in which it appears that there are two bird houses. That camera happens to be a Sony TRV900. The glitch usually appears as shown, almost like the two fields are being displayed out of alignment. Sometimes the glitch just appears as a small bump in the vertical signal. The other two cameras, which also show the same glitch on occasion, are CCTV cameras that use 12 power supplies. The glitches tend to occur on only one of the cameras at a time. I am simultaneously recording from the cameras directly to Diamond VC500 USB capture cards using MediaEncoder, and I do not see the glitches there. This makes me think it is something with the NV3000 card itself rather than the cables.


Any ideas on what might be the problem. It wouldn't matter so much except that the glitches trigger the motion detection, which causes a lot of false positives.






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