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Speco DVR file conversion issues

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I have a Speco TL-4 DVR, and I am using Speco's CMS software (both V2.0.0, and V2.2.2)


Heres my issue...

Speco video images are recorded in a ".drv" format (which is great ... no problems there) but I have a customer that needs to convert some footage from time to time , over to a ".avi", which the CMS software claims to be able to do.


The conversion seems to be successful at first, until you try to open the .avi, or do anything (even viewing properties). At this point there are windows error messages and the pc locks up/ viewing or editing software locks up/shuts down. There are some issues with this and it has happened on 7 different PC's so far with footage downloaded from different Speco TL-4 DVR's (to include a demo setup through Speco them selves). The most I can get it to do is play in Windows Media Player (and even then, there are some minor glitches)


OS has been Windows XP sp3 with most recent version of windows Media Player.

Have installed Divix codec packs and updated all Divx software. All DVR's tested seem to work perfectly. The problem seems to be in the CMS conversion.


Any help. Any ideas... I'm very interested to see if anyone else out there has seen this problem.

Thanks so much!!!

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