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need help with a honeywell HRDP 1600X performance series

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HI thanks for looking ,


I need help,I hope you can,


i already own 2 HONEYWELL HRDP 4's and for me they are ok... easy to operate and do the job i need with them, one day i will upgrade to something with 400ips!!!!



but bought a HRDP16d1000x dvr from a liquidation sale and having 2 already used IN CONJUNCTION with Honeywell KD6's, thought it was a good idea, knowing how they operate etc, and a good price!!!!


yes, the issue is the company just did not leave around its passwords can anyone assist in resetting.


the other reason was at worse I can remove the 1000 meg memories and put/split in to my other units giving longer record time as both only 250's mg .


but its only a 09 dated unit and having tried to remove battery and try myself getting to a point where a good CCTV or Honeywell technician can assist... can supply proof of my own remotes running in email and details if required to avoid all thinking its stolen etc. complete with remote and lead, i have powered up and both superuser and admin PW required.

yes tried the obvious 1234 etc but i'm stuck, can you help cheers.

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hello? is there any body here?


or as the trainee jet pilot was instructed by the instructor, "on my command trainee, in the even of major malfunction and we have to escape the aircraft, I will say , eject, eject,eject, and if at that point trainee you say pardon or excuse me, you will be talking to yourself!!!!"


get a bit of that feeling here!!!


is there anyone on this forum that is capable and willing to assist me, please.

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