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Build out a DREAM DVR System please!?

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I have an NV8416.


I run a large 40,000sqft nightclub.


I want to run 64 cameras on (4) rack mounted 16 channel servers using 8416's.


I will have a fifth server running the CM3000 software to look at all 64 cameras through the four servers.


I will be recording FULL-TIME 40 Hrs per week and the rest on motion. Everything needs to be flawless and high fps recording as

I have to watch bartenders pour drinks and count their pours plus I'm dealing with harsh conditions (low light, smoke, thousands of people)


So my question is. Using the NV8416 as the first server build what do you guys suggest as the optimum tried and true setup.

From the CPU, motherboard, case, HDD's, configurations, etc .... Basically what parts would you guys use and how would you build it keeping each server in the $5,000 range.


Thanks! Dario

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