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Nightowl FS-84500 remote access help please

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I need help I recently bought a nightowl fs-84500. My problem is the remote access. I have everything set up and can log on remotely untill my ip address changes. I have a dynamic ip. I registered for a dyndns account. I think I dont have the info right in my dvr under dns tab. Is the host name www.dyndns. com or the domain i set up on dyndns.com? I have tried it both ways and it will not update when my ip address changes. my dvr says error code 1 that either it cannot access the network or dns is wrong. I even tried an update client that would run all the time on my computer and update to dyndns.com when my ip address changes. It changed today and I could not remote view. If I change the ip address on my dyndns.com account to the current one it all works until the ip address changes again. I am sure I have the in info wrong in my dvr. The manual that came with the dvr is not very good. Was just wondering if anyone has any advice for me. Thank you in advance.

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